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How to Contact and Talk to People About your Business Opportunity

One of the best times in network marketing is when you just signed up and realize that now you have a way to reach your goals and dreams. One of the worst times can be when you realize now you need to talk to someone else about the opportunity.

All of a sudden you become fearful about sharing something that you found to be awesome but you freeze up or don’t know what to say to your friends and family.

That is a normal feeling and you should not let it stop you.

When I first started in network marketing it was Amway in 1989. I wanted the income and loved the idea of owning my own business, but I was afraid to talk to people. I was very shy and introverted. I was very nervous about having to meet with people that I had never met before. I did not like to speak in front of people or to people, or even around people. So how was I able to build a large business? I had to learn and practice talking to people I have not met before. People we would call cold contacts.

I messed it up a bunch of times in the beginning. So will you. Everyone does. I remember I read or heard a saying that goes like this. “anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly, until you can do it well”. I felt like I had a revelation because that meant to me, that I can still be terrible at something and keep doing it and it would still work. And it did. In reality when I got better I actually was too polished and people started to think they could never do what I did. Or they thought they could never be as good as I was at contacting or showing the business plan.

I figured out fast that being real and relate-able was far more important that being great at a presentation. See, the people did not see me struggle so they did not know what it took to get the courage up to talk to someone about the business opportunity. They just thought I was always that good or comfortable. Well I wasn’t and I’m not. Evidently I have become very good at feeling like a nervous wreck on the inside and appearing confident on the outside.

What to Say

Talk to people in a normal way. Be a bit more excited than usual but not over the top. That pushes people away. In the beginning I always asked the successful leaders what they said and what they used for contacting. I felt if I said the exact same thing it would work for me. Be yourself and be real. That is what people recognize as a genuine person.

What I figured out was it doesn’t matter what the words are exactly. It matters how you say it. Here are some tips:

  • Have confidence when you speak but not arrogance.
  • Don’t push something on people. Make them want to know what you have.
  • Realize you have something they need; not that you need them to be successful because you don’t.
  • Get the posture right. You have the opportunity they don’t.
  • Borrow others success in your upline.
  • Make people give something to get something.
  • Don’t devalue what you are doing.
  • Ask them questions.
  • Be interested.
  • Be in a hurry.

I cover a bit more on my video above on this subject and give examples of how I do this today.

Learn to be Good

According to a TED talk they said it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. The good news here is that it only takes about 20 hours to become good at something. You can learn the skills of contacting people and become good at it in about 20 hours too.

In your business you don’t need to be an expert to get going. You can earn as you learn.

Just get started and don’t be afraid you will mess it up. Believe me you definitely will. That is why we suggest you start with your friends and family. If you mess it up you can always come back later and admit to it, and show them again. You may even sponsor some of them.

Network Marketing is like anything. It requires some skills, but all of them can be acquired with an investment in yourself of time, reading, learning and listening to people who are where, you want to be in life.

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The Advantages of Building an Offline and Online Network Marketing Business

There are advantages to building your network marketing business both, offline and online. The old way is what I call offline. It still works and it is the best way to share your business opportunity with your friends and family.


What exactly is offline building? This is what I call the old way of building the network marketing business. It typically means you will be talking to your friends, family and maybe even your close coworkers about your new business and what great products you have available. This is usually done because your upline or sponsor has asked you to make a names list and talk to everyone on it. They may even be willing to help you show the business plan.

It could also mean having a home meeting an inviting everyone you know to it. This is how I saw my first network marketing plan. I was invited to a house where I was the only person who was not in the business already. It was very awkward with a guy showing the business plan details on a white board. But it worked, I did get in the business and eventually built a large business.

It can mean having a open opportunity meeting at a hotel meeting room where everyone in the area can invite prospects to it. This helps to make everyone a bit more comfortable because they are not alone and can blend in. It can also backfire if you and your team don’t invite people and assume someone else will do it. The new prospect sees no one new at the meeting, getting excited about the business and figures no one else wants to join so how can they build this thing.  I suggest waiting until you have a team of builders that can ensure you can have a good turn out. This will help build belief that what you are doing is catching fire and exploding. That can be very helpful. If done wrong it can wipe out your group.

These methods can work well if done correctly to work with your friends, family and even warm market.

Cold Market is another thing all together and working offline takes a lot of time. It means that you will be talking to a lot of people you don’t know yet. You will need to get comfortable at this or you will not be able to grow your business. In my experience this is where most initially excited, network marketers start to fade away. It can be very difficult for the introverted person; like me, to build using this method. I spent a lot of time learning how to do this. It involves contacting, setting up 1 on 1 meetings and following up. I also went to a lot of  “no shows” over the years. I did get really good eventually. I was even able to set meetings up by calling people out of the phone book. Not fun but it does work.

It just a numbers game

This offline approach can work well, and in fact has made many millionaires this way. It just boils down to a numbers game. If you are very good at contacting then lets say you need to talk with 15 cold contacts to set one meeting to show the plan. Lets say half of those show up. That’s 8. Then you actually get a follow-up meeting with half of those. That’s 4. Then 1 of those gets involved in your business and starts duplicating what you did. If you need 5-6 leaders then you need to talk with more than 90 people.

Can you do that?  Will your numbers be that good? Do you have the time?What are the options? Quit or find another way right?


This is where things have really changed from year past. Now we don’t walk the malls looking for people to prospect. They find us now.

Today when you want to find something, fix something or learn something, what do you do? You search for it online, right? It does not matter what it is; you can find it online now. You can buy a car, a pizza, groceries, you name it.

Today you can even find business opportunities, and that how they will find you too.

You can use your social media skills and your YouTube videos and other online methods of attracting people who are looking and hoping for a great home business or online business opportunity. How would you feel when they come to you instead, of you going to them? It should completely take the fear out of it for one thing. Who can’t answer questions they are asked or share the business plan or compensation plan with someone who asked you? The fact is everyone can work an online business and promote their product and/or opportunity.

How many of you have watched the TV show Shark Tank? It always amazes me how some business owner will come on and say they have sold millions of dollars in products online only using only Amazon, or their website or social media. NO brick and mortar store needed. You can do the same with your network marketing business too!

You can literally reach millions of people and generate 30-40 leads a day. These are people who are looking and can now find you.

If you would like to learn more or join our team we will teach you all of these methods. Just complete a brief form and take the tour of our business site. Its Free!

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