The 8 Things People Want In Life


Now more than ever we seem to be looking for some things that are missing in our lives. The world is getting smaller they say and the times seem more chaotic for sure. But what do we do about it?

To help you focus and put in to words what you want most, take a look at what most people are looking for.

#1 Happiness

What does that mean to you? It’s sometimes hard to figure this out, but it’s what most people answer. Does it mean not having worries? Better lifestyle? More money?

Or is it simply a choice? A state of mind or being? Think internally not externally on this one. Figure out what it is for you.

#2 Money

This one is not too surprising that it makes the list. After all, everything we do cost money right? It’s not the most important thing in the world but it’s right up there with oxygen.

It’s more about how the money situation you’re in makes you feel. You can have millions of dollars and still feel anxiety and stress. For others living on social security is just fine. In other words, it’s a personal perspective on the amount of money you earn and have that matters. If you are looking to increase your income, savings and investments then learn to adopt the right behaviors that bring those things. You may have to stop other habits that are moving you away from that goal. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but being poor sure doesn’t.

#3 Freedom

This is a surprising one actually because here in the USA and throughout many countries we have the freedom to do what we want , when we want, right? Sadly not everyone does. I think people just have forgotten what they can do here. If you are looking for your “purpose” then you need to actually start looking. We want to “feel” free, yet are scared to muster the courage to do what’s necessary to “become” free.

Take a chance and explore the freedom you already have. So many people say “I Can’t do that”. YES…You Can ! It’s just a decision away. Make the choice for your freedom.

#4 Peace

We’re not talking about world peace on this one. This is about how you feel about yourself and things that are going on in your life. With today’s crazy pace and the continually barrage of information coming to you on your cellphone you will have to make a focused effort to take some time and develop the ability to feel peace.

You can focus on today, not tomorrow. You can forgive the past mistakes you made. You can turn down all the “noise” coming at you, by relaxing and meditating on the breath you take;and the sounds you make. As ell as whats going on around you. Take it all in, in great detail. Then enjoy it. It’s going to take some effort but you can do it.

#5 Joy

How do you get more joy in your life?  It starts with you looking at your situation and seeing that you have it better than some, not as good as others. Be grateful for what you have. Work towards enjoying where you are and what you are currently doing. Focus on the positivity of the task or situation. Become the person you are and continue to improve yourself. Become the person you were meant to be. You can decide to find the joy in what you are doing if you want to.

#6 Balance

Just like Mr. Miyagi said to Daniel in the movie the Karate Kid. ” all of life is balance”.  Find it by starting with the area that means the most to you. Is your schedule out of balance? Is your commitment to work out of balance? How about your top goals for family, finances and fitness? Get aligned with what you want and make sure you only do things that move you towards achieving them. You’ll feel better as you recognize that your efforts are what makes you progress. Not what others do. You are in control of this.

#7 Fulfillment

According to Kathy Cuprino Sr. Editor at Forbes:

Fulfillment can be defined as this: “Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.”

I like that definition. It means you need to use the abilities you have to feel fulfilled or you may need to expand on what you have. People who try to hideout at work or people who do the bare minimum never feel fulfilled.

Be the best you can be and actually use your talents to live up to your full potential.

#8 Confidence

This is a tough one because it is hard to break the cycle of feeling your not good enough to do what others are. Or you have been raised or conditioned to do what everyone expects you to do.

You can do anything you decide is important enough to gain the skills and the determination to begin. Don’t be “most people”. Most people don’t get a better job. Most people don’t ask for a raise. Most people don’t start their own business because we are concerned about what others will think of us. The bad news is most people care about you less than you think. They are focused on themselves usually.

Now it’s time for you to focus on yourself. Be the best most awesome person you can be. Do things your way, but do them. Don’t listen to your negative self talk. Break the barriers you have set. Own it and go for it. No excuses. It may not go perfectly at first. Just keep getting better.


The world is getting tougher and faster and more complex in many ways. Get back to the basics. Read a book or blog that can help you. Learn from a podcast or seminar. Use your skills. Focus on what you are really capable of and keep growing it daily. I try to learn one new word or idea every day. Eventually it all adds up.


Thanks for reading!

Mark Balderrama

Twister sitting happy!