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5 Ways Busy People Build Network Marketing Businesses

The idea that busy people can’t build network marketing businesses is counter-intuitive. Busy people are your best prospects in my opinion. They are people like me who run more than one business, have a family, a home to repair and maintain, have hobbies etc. We value our time over almost everything because we have so much going on.

This is why a network marketing business is so appealing to people like us. How else can we find a way to duplicate our time and make a great income?

If you are a busy person too then here are some steps you can take to be the most productive with your time.

#1 Set a schedule

Yes we have all heard this before. But how many actually create one? You can use a day-planner, your cellphone has a calendar or you can use many different apps out there to assist you in planning your day. I use a Things To Do List and post it notes. I call it a TTD list at the top of my spiral notepad page for the day and I write out all the things I need and want to do. Don’t worry if you cannot get them all done. Just move the ones you still need to do to the next days page.

I also use post it notes to capture quick ideas and other peoples requests. I stick them to that days page. Later I can transfer them to the next days page if needed.

#2 Prioritize Your List

This seems basic too! But you would be surprised how many people don’t do this step. Then the day is over and something really important wasn’t completed and your frustrated with yourself.

Here is what I do. I place a number by each of the items on my daily TTD list. For example: Write an article for the website-2, make a new video-1, etc. You can use letters if you want.

Here is a professional tip: Do the hardest task first. Instead of dreading it or leaving it to the end. You feel great you tackled the toughest thing first. This way its all down hill from there.

I also use a system I learned years ago to balance the urgent and the important.

Do things in this order:

#1 Items that are Urgent and Important

#2 Items that are Important but not Urgent

#3 Items that are not important and not urgent

#3 Pick your best time to work

This means know yourself. If you are an early morning riser. Then it may be best to plan your first hour of the day creating content for your business, making a post, writing an article. Then head out to work your job.

If you are a night-owl then after the kids are in bed may be best for you.

For me, I now that about 3:00 pm everyday I get sleepy. I can set my watch by it. That’s not the best time to create growth or action in my network marketing business.

Experiment until you figure out what works best for you. Just keep some of the best of your talents for your own business.

#4 Be consistent

Like everything that is worthwhile, it may take time to get it right. Consistency is one of theĀ  best and fastest ways to build your business. It takes daily effort to achieve, and then maintain momentum. Once you start. Don’t stop. Work your plan every day!

#5 Keep your date book or notebook.

You will see progress and when you look back you will be amazed at how much you accomplished in a short time-frame! Make notes so you can look back at what worked. Sometimes new ideas will come from reviewing what you did previously. Try it!

Remember we all have the same 24 hours every day. Its what you do with it that matters. Some will do more and some less. All that really counts is what you do.

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Thanks for reading!

Mark Balderrama

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