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How to Contact and Talk to People About your Business Opportunity

One of the best times in network marketing is when you just signed up and realize that now you have a way to reach your goals and dreams. One of the worst times can be when you realize now you need to talk to someone else about the opportunity.

All of a sudden you become fearful about sharing something that you found to be awesome but you freeze up or don’t know what to say to your friends and family.

That is a normal feeling and you should not let it stop you.

When I first started in network marketing it was Amway in 1989. I wanted the income and loved the idea of owning my own business, but I was afraid to talk to people. I was very shy and introverted. I was very nervous about having to meet with people that I had never met before. I did not like to speak in front of people or to people, or even around people. So how was I able to build a large business? I had to learn and practice talking to people I have not met before. People we would call cold contacts.

I messed it up a bunch of times in the beginning. So will you. Everyone does. I remember I read or heard a saying that goes like this. “anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly, until you can do it well”. I felt like I had a revelation because that meant to me, that I can still be terrible at something and keep doing it and it would still work. And it did. In reality when I got better I actually was too polished and people started to think they could never do what I did. Or they thought they could never be as good as I was at contacting or showing the business plan.

I figured out fast that being real and relate-able was far more important that being great at a presentation. See, the people did not see me struggle so they did not know what it took to get the courage up to talk to someone about the business opportunity. They just thought I was always that good or comfortable. Well I wasn’t and I’m not. Evidently I have become very good at feeling like a nervous wreck on the inside and appearing confident on the outside.

What to Say

Talk to people in a normal way. Be a bit more excited than usual but not over the top. That pushes people away. In the beginning I always asked the successful leaders what they said and what they used for contacting. I felt if I said the exact same thing it would work for me. Be yourself and be real. That is what people recognize as a genuine person.

What I figured out was it doesn’t matter what the words are exactly. It matters how you say it. Here are some tips:

  • Have confidence when you speak but not arrogance.
  • Don’t push something on people. Make them want to know what you have.
  • Realize you have something they need; not that you need them to be successful because you don’t.
  • Get the posture right. You have the opportunity they don’t.
  • Borrow others success in your upline.
  • Make people give something to get something.
  • Don’t devalue what you are doing.
  • Ask them questions.
  • Be interested.
  • Be in a hurry.

I cover a bit more on my video above on this subject and give examples of how I do this today.

Learn to be Good

According to a TED talk they said it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. The good news here is that it only takes about 20 hours to become good at something. You can learn the skills of contacting people and become good at it in about 20 hours too.

In your business you don’t need to be an expert to get going. You can earn as you learn.

Just get started and don’t be afraid you will mess it up. Believe me you definitely will. That is why we suggest you start with your friends and family. If you mess it up you can always come back later and admit to it, and show them again. You may even sponsor some of them.

Network Marketing is like anything. It requires some skills, but all of them can be acquired with an investment in yourself of time, reading, learning and listening to people who are where, you want to be in life.


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If You Don’t Like Other People, Then Network Marketing IS For You! Really!


If you are introverted, shy or just don’t like working with other people then you can still being very successful. I have been a shy person most of my life. I have to “work” at being a bit more extroverted or people think I’m mad, angry, bummed or something. Most of the time I’m just thinking about things.

When I started in an MLM called Amway in 1989 I was having a very difficult time sharing the business idea with people, in person. That was way before we all had internet in our homes and on our phones. I had to learn to call cold contacts on the phone or approach them in person. Wow! That was a bit challenging but I finally got pretty good at it. I would even teach others in my group how to call people out of the phone book and set up meetings to show the business plan.

Today we don’t have to do that at all if we don’t want to. Although, I do still talk to other people face to face about my MLM; I primarily build it online using the same methods that you would for online dating in a way.  Instead of generating dates. I generate leads online using several different techniques. We share the business opportunity and products online, we can email or text. And many times we still have a phone call to go over the details of how things work and to get some questions answered that are harder to ask and answer in a text.

If we share everything else online and on social media so comfortably, then why not share about our business and learn to establish business relationships as well.

What’s really amazing is that I can build my business with 100% cold contacts and some people are joining my business that I have not even met or talked with at all!

Now, I do believe that you need to establish a relationship with your team members who are actively building. Ultimately you will want to develop your team and leaders. You just cannot do that by not communicating with them. Hopefully by that time you will have learned how to be better at working with others and you can learn this as your business grows.

Blend the best of both online and offline business build methods. Use all the tools available to you and don’t forget to read books and articles that help you grow as a leader too!

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Why You Should Set Up a Retirement Income in Network Marketing

Today  you have many financial options to help you in planning for your retirement years. Unfortunately a pension is not one of them for many of us. I am in the working group that came in on the tail end of companies offering pensions. I do actually have one from the first company I worked for. It’s not much but it will add a few hundred dollars each month when I decide to retire.

How will my 401K plan work out?

What is currently the main financial method for saving for retirement is a 401K plan or something similar. I have one and you probably do too. These are offered by many employers to their employees. Some people set up their own plan called an IRA or Individual Retirement Account. There is nothing wrong with them, except you cannot do much to control the return on your investment other than hope that when you do retire the market timing is good.

For many people during the recent recession the stock market crashed. Most 401K plans invest your money in the stocks and bonds. If you check you account statement you can determine what your money is invested in. Sometimes when you decide to retire the market is down and so is the value in your account. This will directly affect your monthly income withdrawal amounts if you want to maintain your principal balance.

In some extreme cases it may delay your retirement date indefinitely and force you to still work.

Older Americas Are More Afraid Of Running Out of Money Than Death

“According to a recent Transamerica study, 43% of workers 50 and older claim that their greatest retirement-related fear is outliving their savings.” Now that’s a scary thought! You can read the entire article HERE.

What’s An Alternative?

There are many other investment opportunities out there but you need to weigh the risks. One of the lowest risk opportunities to assist you in setting up an additional retirement income stream is to start and build a network marketing business. There are literally dozens of different legitimate and well run companies now you can join. The investment you mainly will make is time and small amount of money. The return on that investment can make the difference in your retirement years, and it may only take as little as two years to set up a few thousand dollars per month extra income. Plus you don’t have to quit your present job to do this business in your spare time.

The better news; it’s not like a job so it keeps coming in after your retirement.

Time Will Go By Anyway

The interesting thing about time is that whether we do anything or not to add the additional income, it will continue to pass us. Meaning, the two years will pass even if you don’t make the business investment. Consider this option to help you diversify your income in your retirement years. It would be best to have multiple streams of income to offset any risk of loss in any single source. Its always a good idea to Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Do some research and check out the opportunities. You really have nothing to lose and something really good to gain.

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Why Amway And Other MLM Companies Are Not Cults

The thought that some people have about Amway and other MLM companies being cults has always amazed me. There are times when I wished they were, because in cults people blindly do what the cult leaders tell them to do. Our team members all have minds of their own and businesses of their own and they can do what they want to do.

Anyone who has actually been part of building a network marketing team or organization can tell you that almost no one does what they are asked or told to do regarding building their business. Even when they are the ones asking! That right there should convince you it’s not a cult. But let’s examine some of the concerns people have stated that tells them it’s a cult.

#1 The People In MLM Have A Cult Like Attachment To Their Company

I find this one very interesting as most people have an attachment to their employers company but don’t seem to think it’s a cult. In MLM people are supportive of the company and its products because it is supporting their business too. As far as people having a cult like following, you should check into the companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Apple. Their employees are the most involved, passionate, cultist people I have ever seen outside of a real cult. They have their own campuses for their people with living areas, chef run kitchens and lounge spaces to encourage you to be creative and dedicated at all hours of the day. People are driven to be part of these companies.

If the naysayers meant people who are dedicated to what they are doing in a business of their own, then that could be confused with a cult, I guess.


#2 The People Are Very Religious

It is true some people in network marketing are religious. Some are not. It is a business that accepts all kinds of people and has no prejudgment for religious affiliation. It seems like some of the people who have been part of a MLM business have been uncomfortable with people having a pledge of allegiance or a prayer before a meeting or  a seminar. I myself don’t think it should be part of the business proceedings and that it can be off putting for some people.

However it is a right that owning your own business brings. It is no different than what the founder of Chik-Fil-A decided to do. Many of the company’s values are influenced by the religious beliefs of its late founder, S. Truett Cathy, a devout Southern Baptist. Most notably, all Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed for business on Sundays, as well as on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That does not make them a cult does it? Even the Federal government of the USA closes down on these holidays. We all happily enjoy the paid time off for holidays from our employers right? No double standard there right?

#3 The People Are Fanatical

This can be another true observation that some people in MLM are very passionate about their opportunity to build their own business. It shows us that the American Dream which is so alive in immigrants to the USA, can also be stimulated in the people who are already here. It’s too bad so many people have forgotten or never knew that the USA was built on people who had their own businesses not jobs,

Most people were farmers, tradesmen and artisans before the industrial revolution. You know , people like bakers, tailors, blacksmiths, barbers, weavers, apothecaries etc.

These people were also fanatics about what they did. If not; they would not be able to survive.

Owning your own MLM business is like that in a way. The way, that allows you to be excited to build something for you and your family. That brings out the passion and excitement in people that had no other opportunity to start a business of their own with very little money or training. Somehow being excited about your own enterprise is now a cult. I guess they have never seen the people who go on the show Shark Tank or the Profit. They are fanatical about what they are doing. Starting and owning their own business.

I think it just makes some people uncomfortable that they are bored and not excited about their jobs but don’t have the ambition to do something of their own. Sad really.

I think that people just need to give other people their space to do what they want to do. As long as it does not affect you or what you are doing then keep moving on with your life, would you? If you were offered an opportunity to build your own business by a friend or family member then feel lucky that they saw something in you, that maybe you don’t. Possibly they believe in your capability more than you do. Feel fortunate; not put off by the invitation. They had your best interest in mind.

And if you decided not to join them in their “cult” then you proved my point that network marketing companies like Amway and others cannot be a cult, since no one does what we ask or tell them to do in MLM. After all you did not join right?

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How to Sponsor Engineers in Network Marketing


Lets face it Engineers are not the most people friendly prospects you would want to work with in your network marketing business. I know first hand, because I am one.

I have only been prospected two times in my life for a network marketing opportunity, and both time I joined. I certainly wasn’t the easiest person to deal with both times.

The first time my soon to be sponsor and I argued for about 2 hours on the follow up phone call. I argued that the Amway business couldn’t work and that no one would do this business. This was in 1989 when Amway only did about $2 billion in business!!! Duh! So of course I knew everything about it, even though I didn’t. Finally my sponsor told me “fine then don’t build it!”

Now that really upset me and I then proceeded to tell him that I would join and show him this wouldn’t work if its the last thing I do. I know; that was really dumb for me to say that too. I eventually did apologize and we did build a successful Amway/Quixtar business. I’m no longer in Amway but the method worked that got me interested and it can work for you too.

All We See Are Problems

I guess once he tried to pull the opportunity away from me, I did not like it and I wouldn’t let him. There’s a lesson to be learned here when dealing with Engineers. We always see a problem that can be solved. Sometimes posing the business opportunity as a potential problem that needs to be solved may help you reach the engineers you know. Tell them you found a business opportunity that you don’t think can work and they will figure it all out for you. In the process they may even join you.

Sharing the Opportunity

Here is my best advice on this topic. Don’t tell the Engineering prospect how great this business is, and how much fun it is. How they will get to meet all kinds of different people, and be recognized for achievements and such.  And never, ever tell them that you have these really cool “functions” or “Seminars & Rallys”. It won’t work because we don’t care about that stuff. (at least outwardly). Additionally we don’t like that many people and we are generally introverts and afraid of public situations. That’s why we became engineers, right? We like computers, and machinery and software.

I remember the first Seminar and Rally I went to very clearly. I am pretty sure I am still traumatized by it actually.  The seminar was great! Lots of information and how to’s. We like that kind of stuff. The problem was in between the two sessions where some of the leaders wanted to get everyone excited and “fired up”.

They started competing in different sections of the room saying “I’m excited how about you?” to see who was louder. I think I was ready to walk out right then. I’m done here!

Engineers like data and scientific studies, testing and reports. We need to know how everything works. So be prepared to be able to explain it all. If you’re not you may find yourself in front of an Engineer who will take one look at your information, then proceed to explain to you how it works. That may be okay actually!

Following Up

My advice here is to be ready to overcome objections and answer more questions. Appeal to their logical side as we make many decisions “logically”. That being said continue to try to get out of your engineer prospect what his/her hobbies and interest are. Try to find out what his/her goals are. This may best be done by asking questions about the latest hot car. Or talking about the coolest airplane or video on this cool electronic gadget that allows you to bend space and time. Those things are of interest to Engineers and will allow you to establish some level of rapport. Find out what they liked best about what they saw. Don’t be surprised if you do not get an answer to that question. But instead they tell you what they did not like. This is typical of most people actually, not just engineers.

Be direct and say “I want to partner with you in this business”. Most Engineers cannot say no to a request for help and they may see this as a way to show you how much they know. We like that kind of thing.

Teaching and Training System

Once you have enrolled your engineer get them involved in the teaching and training system. They love that stuff. The more data and information the better, remember?

This will help them to get the details that they “need” to be able to move forward. I also suggest you get them with your experienced upline when you can so they can get a different perspective as soon as possible. It helps when they meet other like minded people.

Be Patient

Hang in there but don’t wait around for the Engineer to start building. The best thing is to leave them in the dust and asking you for help as you move on without them! Engineers are competitive and like to be right about everything.

They don’t like to lose, more than they like to win. So make them keep up with you.

As always you need to share with everyone, but keep in mind these tips for your technical people prospects. This includes doctors, engineers and scientists.

Keep at it and don’t be afraid to circle back to those who did not get involved right away.

If you want to learn more about one of the best network marketing businesses take the free tour.

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The Real Network Marketing Story


bill gates

Everyone seems to have some idea of what network marketing is and may have even been involved at one time or another in a network marketing company. Many people have heard of Amway, Mary Kay and Herbalife; which are all network marketing businesses.

Some of the people you talk to about your business opportunity or products may believe they know what it’s all about because they had a second cousin, who had a friend who didn’t make any money in network marketing. And of course they think they can’t either.

In my experience most people don’t really understand what we are doing but definitely have some preconceived ideas. To be able to help those people get a better understanding you need to be calm and provide clear answers. Its true many people don’t make any money in network marketing. But that is usually due to them not actually doing the work it requires.

If you don’t want to share what you are doing and you don’t want to promote your products or opportunity then network marketing is probably not for you.

However if you are excited about learning how to build your own business then with some hard work and possibly some additional personal growth you can learn how to be successful. It’s no different that when you first started to work a job. You needed to be trained. Here though you’r training to be your own boss. The CEO of your own business.

The good news is that your in business for yourself but not by yourself!

Look for  a network marketing company with a teaching and training system. In some ways you will be going back to school to learn how to become successful.

To learn more about what Network Marketing is and isn’t check out this great article from the Huffington Post.

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The Advantages of Building an Offline and Online Network Marketing Business


There are advantages to building your network marketing business both, offline and online. The old way is what I call offline. It still works and it is the best way to share your business opportunity with your friends and family.


What exactly is offline building? This is what I call the old way of building the network marketing business. It typically means you will be talking to your friends, family and maybe even your close coworkers about your new business and what great products you have available. This is usually done because your upline or sponsor has asked you to make a names list and talk to everyone on it. They may even be willing to help you show the business plan.

It could also mean having a home meeting an inviting everyone you know to it. This is how I saw my first network marketing plan. I was invited to a house where I was the only person who was not in the business already. It was very awkward with a guy showing the business plan details on a white board. But it worked, I did get in the business and eventually built a large business.

It can mean having a open opportunity meeting at a hotel meeting room where everyone in the area can invite prospects to it. This helps to make everyone a bit more comfortable because they are not alone and can blend in. It can also backfire if you and your team don’t invite people and assume someone else will do it. The new prospect sees no one new at the meeting, getting excited about the business and figures no one else wants to join so how can they build this thing.  I suggest waiting until you have a team of builders that can ensure you can have a good turn out. This will help build belief that what you are doing is catching fire and exploding. That can be very helpful. If done wrong it can wipe out your group.

These methods can work well if done correctly to work with your friends, family and even warm market.

Cold Market is another thing all together and working offline takes a lot of time. It means that you will be talking to a lot of people you don’t know yet. You will need to get comfortable at this or you will not be able to grow your business. In my experience this is where most initially excited, network marketers start to fade away. It can be very difficult for the introverted person; like me, to build using this method. I spent a lot of time learning how to do this. It involves contacting, setting up 1 on 1 meetings and following up. I also went to a lot of  “no shows” over the years. I did get really good eventually. I was even able to set meetings up by calling people out of the phone book. Not fun but it does work.

It just a numbers game

This offline approach can work well, and in fact has made many millionaires this way. It just boils down to a numbers game. If you are very good at contacting then lets say you need to talk with 15 cold contacts to set one meeting to show the plan. Lets say half of those show up. That’s 8. Then you actually get a followup meeting with half of those. That’s 4. Then 1 of those gets involved in your business and starts duplicating what you did. If you need 5-6 leaders then you need to talk with more than 90 people.

Can you do that?  Will your numbers be that good? Do you have the time?What are the options? Quit or find another way right?


This is where things have really changed from year past. Now we don’t walk the malls looking for people to prospect. They find us now.

Today when you want to find something, fix something or learn something, what do you do? You search for it online, right? It does not matter what it is; you can find it online now. You can buy a car, a pizza, groceries, you name it.

Today you can even find business opportunities, and that how they will find you too.

You can use your social media skills and your YouTube videos and other online methods of attracting people who are looking and hoping for a great home business or online business opportunity. How would you feel when they come to you instead, of you going to them? It should completely take the fear out of it for one thing. Who can’t answer questions they are asked or share the business plan or compensation plan with someone who asked you? The fact is everyone can work an online business and promote their product and/or opportunity.

How many of you have watched the TV show Shark Tank? It always amazes me how some business owner will come on and say they have sold millions of dollars in products online only using only Amazon, or their website or social media. NO brick and mortar store needed. You can do the same with your network marketing business too!

You can literally reach millions of people and generate 30-40 leads a day. These are people who are looking and can now find you.

If you would like to learn more or join our team we will teach you all of these methods. Just complete a brief form and take the tour of our business site. Its Free!

FREE Tour of a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home

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Amway made a lot of millionaires now there’s something new

I joined Amway in 1989. A high school friend of mine called me and asked me a simple question. “Was I interested in making an extra $2000 per month?” who would say no to that question, right?  I was about to get married and had a lot of expenses and was struggling to move up in my career as a R & D Engineer. I was invited to see the “plan” at his home. Later during the “follow up” I spent about an hour arguing with my friend that it could not work. Eventually he said “fine then don’t join”.

That really made me mad; him telling me I shouldn’t do something I want to do. Wait a minute here, now I want to do this? I remember telling him I’m going to do this just to show you it can’t work. Really dumb statement, I know.

I started to learn about how to build the network marketing business by sharing with my friends and family. Some of them actually joined us and we had a great time together. Then I moved on to the warm contacts. These were people that I worked with and knew from the past but did not have a current close relationship with. Then last but not least the dreaded “cold contacts”. We wrote a script and would call people we met during visits to shops and to the mall, looking at cars, whatever & whenever. Clearly this was the largest group of people and in fact many of the leaders in the group came from cold contacting.

We were following the examples and teachings of the leaders that were in my upline. Don Wilson and Randy Haugen. These people had reached a level of success we all wanted. They were millionaires many times over. They taught us how to do what they did and to build good size teams. It worked too! These leaders became very successful in Amway and we reached some levels of success as well.

Around 2001 Amway they created Quixtar. It was intended to be an online business concept where all customers could order online. You could enroll online and you had  a back office and all. This was going to revolutionize the business and I think the idea was a good one. Just a bit premature. Especially since we all only had “dial up” internet access. It was very slow and many people did not have access. We left Quixtar in 2003 and in 2007, Amway got rid of the name and went back to the name Amway Global.

What’s New Today?

A couple of years ago I started looking for the best network marketing companies today, and there are several.  I wanted to get back involved in this form of business because I had been involved in running conventional businesses over the last 20 years and really missed the focus on working as a team, helping other people, building something of your own and having unlimited earning potential. Plus there is no other business that allows you to duplicate your time as easily.

Now with virtually everyone having access to high speed internet service, cellphones in everyone’s hand, and constant social media viewing the network marketing business needs to change as well. There are still people trying to build the “old” way with face to face marketing and there is nothing wrong with it, if it works for you. What I have found is that people are moving at a faster pace than ever. It’s hard to get their attention and keep it, long enough to share the opportunity with them.

I felt that the network marketing building methods had to change somehow to take advantage of the current culture of being online and accessing social media almost continually.  Today we don’t call it “cold contacting” we call it “lead generation” and the whole process is flipped upside down from what we used to do.

In the old days we would ask a cold contact “if they have considered other business ideas” or “have you thought about owning your own business?”, or something similar. Sometimes we would hand out business cards or collect them. I even taught people in my group how to call people out of the phone book. I cannot believe that we used to do that. Wow! It worked but it was not for the faint of heart. Most people were deathly afraid of talking about a business opportunity to someone they don’t know face to face. Or even over the telephone. It was very hard to help people who said they don’t know anyone else, other than their broke brother in-law and their best friend who just got out of jail and really needs the business.

Frequently we would waste our time talking to someone who was not interested in doing something else other than working their job. They did not have a dream or goal to own their own business. Some just were not thinking of the future, just wanting to get by paycheck by paycheck.

Today we don’t need to ask people who are not looking. Today we make sure people who are looking can find us. By using social media, videos, websites and blogs we can draw in people who are searching just the way I was a few years ago. We have automated marketing systems and we can reach out to a much larger audience of “pre-qualified” people. I call them that because they are already clearly looking and they may be open to what your business opportunity is all about.

Once they locate you and join your team you just teach them the methods you use and so on. Now I am simplifying it a bit because we use some special tools and methods that only people who join our team get to use. However the principle is still the same.

Times continue to change so I plan to adapt to them in my network marketing business and continually improve. This is what will provide sustainability for years to come.

Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home


Thanks for reading!

Mark Balderrama

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5 Ways Busy People Build Network Marketing Businesses

The idea that busy people can’t build network marketing businesses is counter-intuitive. Busy people are your best prospects in my opinion. They are people like me who run more than one business, have a family, a home to repair and maintain, have hobbies etc. We value our time over almost everything because we have so much going on.

This is why a network marketing business is so appealing to people like us. How else can we find a way to duplicate our time and make a great income?

If you are a busy person too then here are some steps you can take to be the most productive with your time.

#1 Set a schedule

Yes we have all heard this before. But how many actually create one? You can use a day-planner, your cellphone has a calendar or you can use many different apps out there to assist you in planning your day. I use a Things To Do List and post it notes. I call it a TTD list at the top of my spiral notepad page for the day and I write out all the things I need and want to do. Don’t worry if you cannot get them all done. Just move the ones you still need to do to the next days page.

I also use post it notes to capture quick ideas and other peoples requests. I stick them to that days page. Later I can transfer them to the next days page if needed.

#2 Prioritize Your List

This seems basic too! But you would be surprised how many people don’t do this step. Then the day is over and something really important wasn’t completed and your frustrated with yourself.

Here is what I do. I place a number by each of the items on my daily TTD list. For example: Write an article for the website-2, make a new video-1, etc. You can use letters if you want.

Here is a professional tip: Do the hardest task first. Instead of dreading it or leaving it to the end. You feel great you tackled the toughest thing first. This way its all down hill from there.

I also use a system I learned years ago to balance the urgent and the important.

Do things in this order:

#1 Items that are Urgent and Important

#2 Items that are Important but not Urgent

#3 Items that are not important and not urgent

#3 Pick your best time to work

This means know yourself. If you are an early morning riser. Then it may be best to plan your first hour of the day creating content for your business, making a post, writing an article. Then head out to work your job.

If you are a night-owl then after the kids are in bed may be best for you.

For me, I now that about 3:00 pm everyday I get sleepy. I can set my watch by it. That’s not the best time to create growth or action in my network marketing business.

Experiment until you figure out what works best for you. Just keep some of the best of your talents for your own business.

#4 Be consistent

Like everything that is worthwhile, it may take time to get it right. Consistency is one of the  best and fastest ways to build your business. It takes daily effort to achieve, and then maintain momentum. Once you start. Don’t stop. Work your plan every day!

#5 Keep your date book or notebook.

You will see progress and when you look back you will be amazed at how much you accomplished in a short time-frame! Make notes so you can look back at what worked. Sometimes new ideas will come from reviewing what you did previously. Try it!

Remember we all have the same 24 hours every day. Its what you do with it that matters. Some will do more and some less. All that really counts is what you do.

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Thanks for reading!

Mark Balderrama

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