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How to Start Your Own CBD Business

There has been a lot of interest in CBD Oil to help people with lingering pain, anxiety and other issues that seem to plague us as humans as we grow older. There is also a lot of news on how CBD can help your pets. I have seen first hand the benefits of this for my dogs and have written about it here.

Many people are also looking into the business opportunity side of CBD Oil. There has been quite a lot of press lately about the booming industry of CBD, but not a lot about how to start your own business. Let’s address one of the best ways to do that.

Brick and Mortar?

This not the best way to do it actually. There are a lot of regulations when you start a conventional business. Additionally there are significant costs involved. I know my ideal business does not have these things in it. Storefronts, buildings, employees, inventory, insurance, book keeping, large investments, long pay back periods, sourcing products, marketing, sales and stress.

When you really evaluate what you are looking to achieve I don’t think many people will want to start this way. Let’s see what is the best way to do this!

Best Way to Start

In my opinion the best way to begin is to evaluate the CBD products and companies that offer you an option to start a network marketing business with their products.

This allows you the best option and the lowest risk. With this you have no large investment and you don’t have to figure out any of the stuff listed above.

For under $100 you can start building your own business right away. You get the same tax benefits and income earning potential without all the trouble and stress.

Think how fast you can become profitable with this type of business! You can make your initial investment back in a week! Then it’s all profit from there.

For some people it is not a “real” business unless they put everything on the line, including their home. That is an old way of thinking that still happens today.

Now it is about working smarter not harder. Why risk everything when you can be successful faster and with a minimal downside?

Network Marketing Business? What is it exactly?

The simplest way I can explain this, is like this. You know how you will tell a friend about a great restaurant you found or a great movie you saw? You tell them how they should try it, or see it because you just know they will love it as much as you do.

So the next week they go and eat at the restaurant and they in fact do love it! When you referred your friend, did the restaurant send you a thank you card with money in it for helping them get a new customer and grow their business? Nope.

Then your friend tells someone they know about the restaurant they just loved and then they go too. Just by your word of mouth promotion of this restaurant they gained two customers and increased their business again.

YOU received nothing other than good feeling about how you helped your friends out.

Everyone does this either in person or on social media, but not many get paid a referral fee for it. In Network Marketing it works exactly the same except everyone can earn a little bit from these referrals.

You Are Already Doing It

As we have already covered, everyone is already doing this. You are a consumer and you already share with others how great what you have discovered is. Now it’s time to get paid along the way.

This business is very easy. You just share what your experiences are with the CBD products with people who you believe it can help. Some of those will be interested in learning about how they can also earn while sharing and now you’ve got a business started. Hers is the fastest way to get it started. Take the Free Tour First!

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Why You Should Have A Retirement Income

Retirement worries couple

If you are thinking about your retirement days you probably have the same worries as most of us do. How much income do I need and how can I save that much?

How Much Income Do I Need?

There are many retirement calculators out there, but it is sometimes very disappointing to find out you cannot afford to save as much as they say you will need to. In any case most people live paycheck to paycheck and we don’t hardly stop to think about exactly how much we need to retire on. Most experts have you factoring in that you will spend less in your retirement years, but is that really accurate?

First, figure out what lifestyle you want to live. If it’s the same as you have now while you are working; then that may require some additional income streams to be able to provide it. If you really look at the cost of living you will get a better picture of what things will cost in the future. Don’t use the government inflation rates as they are not accurate when it comes to things people really buy. Things like food, gasoline, heating oil, electricity and health care. Those items seem to go up continually at a rate that far exceeds the annual inflation rate. So you need to prepare for that.

Additional Income Streams

For many people the amount of retirement savings and investments will not add up to enough for them to live the desired lifestyle when they retire. In some case they may not be able to retire at all.

Financial experts seem to only talk about two options. Save more and live on less. Both of these are fine ideas but there is another option to add into that plan. Start your own online or home based business. Many people do not consider this option because they assume you have to go into debt or quit your job to be able to start and run a profitable business.

That’s just not the case anymore

Today for less than $100 you can start and own your own business. Having a second stream of income outside of your job is smart on more than one level. Yes it can be used to supplement your current job income. It also can be sent directly into your retirement vehicle. Or you can simply use it to reduce your debt. Pay off your home early or just save it.

The great news is that after you retire from your employer you can continue to grow your business and that income can grow to greatly supplement your retirement income. It may even surpass it one day.

Early Retirement

For some people retirement means doing nothing but hanging around their home and for others it means traveling the world. Some people think that when someone retires they don’t do anything anymore. I think that’s not a very accurate depiction of the retirement years today. The old mentality of old people sitting in rocking chairs at Shady Acres Rest Home is a long way from most peoples retirement goals.

What if you had enough income to retire early what would that be worth to you?  What if you could retire from your job 5 years early? Or even just 2 years? There are now tens of thousands of people who are growing various online and home based business opportunities. There are websites and even magazines dedicated to helping people find a business opportunity that can be built in your spare time. Some of the best are discussed in my other article here.

For most people today, retirement means freedom; to do what they want. When they want. There is no doubt that you will now have the time. But will you have the money?

Time and Money

Start to consider the current retirement plan you have. If you don’t have one start looking at what you need to do. Many banks and even your employer can help you get started.

It can be pretty scary to finally face the reality that you need to have more income to really have the retirement lifestyle you want. Both Time and Money!

If you look around many people who have a lot of time, don’t have any money. Likewise the people who have a lot of money don’t have a lot of free time.

Set your goals to have both, in your retirement years! That’s why we work so hard right?

Lets recap:

#1 identify your desired Retirement Lifestyle

#2 Evaluate your current retirement plans to see if it matches up to #1

#3 Adjust the plan as needed. Not the goal. Keep your goals and adjust your plans, always.

#4 Set up additional income streams if needed

Don’t give up. Just keep thinking and learning about what the options are and how you can achieve your goals. Then make a decision and get started.

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Best Home Based Businesses, Best Network Marketing Companies

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