Best Products to protect you from Cellphone Radiation

FTC says no harm from cellphone radiation…right!

Yet they recommend the following:

To limit your exposure to #cellphone #electromagnetic emissions, the #FTC suggests that you:

  • Increase the distance between your phone and your head by using a hands-free device, like an earpiece that is wired to the phone, or using the speakerphone feature.
  • Consider texting more and limiting your cell phone use to short conversations.
  • Wait for a good signal. When you have a weak signal, your phone works harder, emitting more radiation. Phones also give off more radiation when transmitting than when receiving, so tilt the phone away from your head when you’re talking, and bring it back to your ear when you’re listening.
  • A phone’s specific absorption rate (SAR) reveals the maximum amount of radiation the human body absorbs from the phone while it’s transmitting. #SAR testing ensures that the devices sold in the U.S. comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) SAR exposure limit, but the single, worst-case value obtained from this SAR testing is not necessarily representative of the absorption during actual use, and therefore it is not recommended for comparisons among phones. In short, selecting a lower SAR phone will not reliably ensure lower radiation absorption during use. The FCC has more information at Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) For Cell Phones: What It Means For You.
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Best Products to protect you from Cellphone Radiation

Are EMF harmful?

The research is indicating YES. According to the World Health Organization-“IARC classifies radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans”

In Forbes an article says “Study suggests Wi-Fi exposure more dangerous to kids than previously thought”

In The Huffington Post “Use of cellphones linked with brain cancer in massive study”

You need to shield yourself. Try using the Anion Shield we have for all your mobile devices.

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Best Products to protect you from Cellphone Radiation

Cellphones and Dangerous EMFs

Did you know that your cell phone emits harmful EMFs? It does and there are several scientific reports that are not associated with the cell phone industry that have determined that even small amounts of this type of energy can alter your DNA and cause mutations. The cellphone industry says it does not harm you. Just like the tobacco companies said cigarettes were good for you too, right? You can protect yourself and shield yourself from these harmful effects. Try the NEW CATION SHIELD! Contact me to get more information now.