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How CBD Helped My Dogs At Halloween

dogs at halloween 2018

This Halloween was different for more than one reason. This is the first year that we did not take our kids Trick or Treating. They are finally to old to go without us or they went out to parties and such. So it was just Me, Lauri and the two dogs (Twister and Oreo) that were home to hand out treats this year.

Anticipating the usual loud , annoying barking at every door knock or doorbell ring I decided to give the dog some extra CBD in the form of dog treats prior to the big event. I have been giving my dogs CBD Oil in a bacon flavor on a daily basis for the general health and it has been great. They really LOVE IT! I saw great results in the level of calmness this past 4th of July so I thought why not give some CBD treats and see if it helped with all the visitors coming to the front door.

Not surprisingly it worked like a charm! Both of my dogs are terrier and chihuahua mix dogs and they tend to be very “barkey” anyways. I guess they are what you would call “high strung”. They will even bark at me if I go outside for 10 minutes and then come back in. Somehow that seems to reset their barking clock.

This year, it was very pleasant and I did not have to tell them to stop barking one time. It made for a very enjoyable evening and we were able to focus on the visitors that were looking for a treat!

Think about any event or occasion that you may want your pets to be a bit calmer and prepare by having your CBD dog treats and CBD Oil at the ready. It will be more enjoyable for everyone involved including your pets. This is the CBD Oil I give my dogs daily. Click HERE for more details!

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