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CBD Plus Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer

Hemp oil

Here is an interesting article in Forbes Magazine. It is talking about a recent study done in the UK.

It states “Mice with pancreatic cancer treated with a combination of cannabidiol (CBD) and chemotherapy survived nearly three times longer than those treated with chemotherapy alone, according to a new study that spotlights the potential for human treatment.”

Cannabidiol is already approved for use in clinics [in the UK], which means we can quickly go on to test this in human clinical trials,” said lead researcher Marco Falasca from Queen Mary University of London.

This is a very promising study. It is showing the progress that is being made to treat all kinds of ailments from Migraine headaches to Cancer. Obviously the testing for human trials will take more time.

Lets hope they continue to explore and validate the test results in a human study soon.

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Antioxidants and Cancer

Can antioxidant supplements help prevent cancer?

Can antioxidant supplements help prevent cancer?

In laboratory and animal studies, the presence of increased levels of exogenous antioxidants has been shown to prevent the types of free radical damage that have been associated with cancer development. Therefore, researchers have investigated whether taking dietary antioxidant supplements can help lower the risk of developing or dying from cancer in humans. #antioxidant #cancercure #cancercells #freeradicals

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Antioxidants and Cancer, Best Antioxidant Blends

Try Galaxy High Impact Blend! Read about the Anticancer Activity in Dr. Booths’ report

This is a product unlike any other on the market. It has been tested and has a documented result that indicates it can be used daily and may have an impact on abnormal cells. Read Doctor Gary Booths report now. He talks about the Antioxidant, Anticancer activity of Galaxy High Impact Antioxidant Blend.



Best Products to protect you from Cellphone Radiation

Cellphones and Dangerous EMFs

Did you know that your cell phone emits harmful EMFs? It does and there are several scientific reports that are not associated with the cell phone industry that have determined that even small amounts of this type of energy can alter your DNA and cause mutations. The cellphone industry says it does not harm you. Just like the tobacco companies said cigarettes were good for you too, right? You can protect yourself and shield yourself from these harmful effects. Try the NEW CATION SHIELD! Contact me to get more information now.


Alkaline Water, Best Alkaline Water Products

Cancer Cells love an Acidic system

Are you drinking Acid?
You probably are. Your drinking water should be 8 to 10 pH, its an acidic system that allows cancer cells to thrive and grow. You can make your system more alkaline. Start drinking Alkaline water now! Try our Energy Cup and make your own Alkaline water. #alkalinewater #h20 #cancer #killcancercellsenergy cup2
Best CBD Drinks, Best CBD for Anxiety, Best CBD for Athletes

CBD as a Safe, Legal Option…

Now that many states are legalizing marijuana for recreational use, people are becoming more aware of the issues and controversies involved.

To many medical users, the benefits for pain, anxiety and other ailments like glaucoma are clear. Many people, however, do not want to get involved in this issue and are concerned about workplace drug testing and related issues there.

The good news is that you can get the health benefits from another product called CBD from the hemp plant- NOT the marijuana plant. The CBD compounds contained in whole plant hemp provide the health benefits without the THC psychoactive compound. CBD is not illegal and does not cause any workplace drug test issues.

Try a product that contains the “Whole Plant Hemp” CBD compounds to get the best effectivity. NutraHG is one one the best products in the market and actually tastes good. Here is more information on it. Contact us for more details and a free sample!

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Best CBD Drinks, Best CBD for Anxiety, Best CBD for Athletes

Why CBD in Whole Plant Hemp?

Many CBD products only contain isolates, meaning that it is an isolated CBD molecule, versus the multiple CBD molecules occurring in the whole hemp plant. This does not mean that they are not effective in stress and anxiety reduction or pain relief. It just means it is not as good as getting all of the CBDs that are contained in whole plant hemp in its natural state. The improvement in this method of getting CBDs is that it allows what scientists call the “Entourage” effect. This means that the more than 100 CBDs in the plant are in the perfect ratio and work together synergistically. This is the best way for your body to absorb these important elements, and it makes them more bio-available to the cells in your body.

Try an Entourage-based product that contains whole plant hemp like NutraHG. It is a good-tasting, green drink powder you add to water. It’s the easiest way to get your CBDs and is legal in all 50 states. Message us to get a free sample.

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NutrHG Sample Card Continue reading “Why CBD in Whole Plant Hemp?”

Best CBD Drinks, Best CBD for Anxiety, Best CBD for Athletes, Best CBD Product for Chronic Pain

Whole Hemp CBD- What’s the Difference?

CBDs in the new NutraHG green drink provide the “Entourage Effect.” Most other products contain CBD isolates which don’t have the same benefit to the body and the endocannabinoid system. NutraHG uses the whole hemp plant, including more than 100 different CBD molecules.  The body has receptors all throughout it and needs a natural balance of the CBD molecules, not just one. Your body gets all the benefits it needs. Contact us for your FREE SAMPLE NOW!

NutrHG Sample Card

Best CBD for Anxiety, Best CBD for Athletes, Best CBD Product for Chronic Pain

Top 3 Ways Hemp Can Boost Your Health

Are you tired? Anxious? Running out of steam?

How about illness? Chronic pain? You’ve been to a hundred doctors and none of them can help?

Check out our list below to find out why hemp is being considered a miracle worker in medicine.

  1. CBD Normalizes Body Functions

Medical research in recent years has discovered a body system called the Endocannabinoid System, and its primary function is to regulate physical, mental and emotional reactions in the body and keep you in homeostasis.

All that mumbo-jumbo basically means that your entire body contains receptors for chemicals called cannabinoids that keep you feeling the way you were built to.

While most people associate the word cannabinoid with marijuana, hemp is a healthier and more powerful alternative.

Marijuana and hemp are two different plant species in the same family, and while marijuana contains high amounts of the chemical THC (the psychoactive chemical that makes you feel high), the real health benefits are derived from the chemical CBD, which is found in much higher amounts in the hemp plant- and it doesn’t get you high.

     2. CBD Has Anti-Cancer Properties


Research has shown that CBD has anti-tumor mechanisms that decrease or prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells. The chemical also helps to strengthen anti-tumor drugs and relieve extreme pain.

CBD fights cancer in other ways, too. It puts your immune system in full attack mode and helps to target the invader cells more efficiently.

Even better, CBD doesn’t have ANY crappy side effects like chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and can even help relieve the side effects that those drugs cause when used in conjunction.

     3. CBD Can Help Treat Anxious and Depressive Disorders


CBD has been found to help treat various conditions of anxiety, including PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, OCD, Panic Disorder, and even depression.

As previously stated, the Endocannabinoid System bridges the gap between the physical and mental/emotional parts of the body and operates much like the system that controls and regulates hormones. When hormones like serotonin (which makes you happy) get out of whack, in some cases, this can trigger anxious or depressive reactions. CBD, the great regulator, can help to stimulate your body’s serotonin receptors to increase your mood and calm down the fight-or-flight response commonly associated with anxiety.

Additionally, CBD helps to counteract the negative effects of THC like sensory overload, panic, and paranoia.

All the more reason to toss out the medical marijuana and make room for hemp.


The potential benefits of CBD oil in hemp are nearly endless. There are hundreds of medical reports of miracle cures for epilepsy, cancer, chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, neuro-degenerative diseases, and so on.

I am a high-stress person who has suffered from phobic anxiety in the past, and I try to avoid medications and synthetic ingredients as much as possible. High-quality natural CBD oil tastes really, REALLY bad, so I take it in an organic green drink.

It’s handy because I can take it on the go with me, and it’s made with whole plant hemp, plus the super greens give an added nutritional boost.

I highly recommend it, so if you’re interested in trying it, send us a message and we will send you some free samples!

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