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Is The Hempworx Business Saturated?


Now that more people are finally hearing about CBD and learning that not only does it have some health benefits but that there is a business opportunity that can be had. Some people are wondering if it is saturated already. This is a term i first heard after I joined Amway back in 1989.

When I first saw the Amway opportunity it was all new to me. The company, the products, the network marketing method. All of it! I had never heard anything about it and it had already been around for 50 years.

After I joined and started sharing the business opportunity, I had a few people who saw the duplication process we discussed and said that the business couldn’t work because it would get “saturated”. To them that meant that everyone that wanted to get involved, already had. Funny how most of those that gave that excuse never got in, so how could it get saturated?

To give you some perspective about the Hempworx Opportunity becoming saturated, consider this. in 1989 when I joined Amway they had been in business for 50 years. Done about $2 billion in business. The group I was involved in had over 600,000 people in it when I joined. Over the next 10 years we saw thousands of new people join the business. Obviously it wasn’t saturated yet was it? How could it be really? After all every day there are people who are turning 18 years of age who can now get involved in your business.

As of this writing Hempworx has about 60,000 distributors and did $100 million in sales. Even though it is one of the fastest growing network marketing businesses with a CBD product focus we still have a long way to grow to even get close to reaching our full potential.

What you really have to consider is are you going to get involved while Hempworx is in it’s initial stages of growth or when they are doing $2 billion in sales? As you can see from my own experience with Amway it doesn’t really matter when you get involved. You set your own pace and your own growth rate. You can have a large or small part of the multi billion dollar business as it grows.

For Hempworx they are just in their infancy still. As the company and it’s distributors continue to expand the business momentum will be reached where it will seem like everyone is getting involved. That’s when it is going to get really fun and there will be millionaires made at that time.

Does it really matter when you choose to build your own business? If you become a millionaire a few years later than some others, is that still acceptable? For most the answers are No and Yes. To others it may not be okay. That’s what’s great about building this type of business you can go fast or slow. It is all up to you.

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