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Do Antioxidants Equal Anti-Cancer?

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To really answer that question you first need to have a better understanding of the role of free radicals.

What are Free Radicals?

They are highly reactive chemicals that have the potential to harm cells. They form naturally in the body and play a role in many normal cell processes. But, when they are at high concentrations in the body they can be damaging to the body and the major parts of your cells, including DNA. The damage caused to cell DNA may play a role in the development of cancers and other health issues.

High concentrations of Free Radicals can be caused by environmental chemicals and toxins, like cigarette smoke and some metals. Ionizing radiation like from medical imaging (X-ray and CT scans), can increase the levels too.

What do Antioxidants do?

They are chemicals that can neutralize free radicals. Simply put, they prevent the free radicals from damaging the cells. If you can prevent or reduce the number of cells that get damaged you can hopefully prevent the associated health issues. That makes sense right?

Where do we get Antioxidants?

Our bodies can make some antioxidants but the main sources come from our diets. Mainly these come from eating Fruits, Vegetables and Grains. We get plenty of those right? Additionally you can use dietary supplements.

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Can Antioxidants help prevent cancer?

This is THE question right? Well its not a clear answer actually. As we know the human body is very complicated and there are many factors in being able to test the effectiveness of any high antioxidant diet on preventing cancer. Since cancers can take a long time to develop it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of any dietary regimen.

According to studies done in the lab on animals there has been some evidence that increased levels of antioxidants can prevent the types of free radical damage that are associated with cancer development. The studies done on humans are not as clear unfortunately. It could be many things, but it does follow that the better your diet, the better your health.

Testing of Antioxidant effects

There is evidence on both sides of the coin here. You need to do your own research.  There are some studies that did not show a impact on free radicals or cancer development and a few that do show a positive result. Keep in mind there are different type of antioxidants. They are not all created equal and the amount and type working together may be an important factor.

Do your own research, make up your own mind and always learn more. The doctors are still learning and so should we. Here is an interesting report on a product called Galaxy. From what I have read, its one of the antioxidant blends that shows some positive results in destroying cancer cells. You can review the actual lab test results below and make your own determination. There are two reports.

Antioxidant, Anticancer Activity, and Other Health Effects of a Nutritional Supplement (Galaxy®)

Cytotoxicity of Nutritional Supplement Galaxy® against HepG2 Hepatocellular Carcinoma

These are both studies performed and written by Doctors so they are bit technical and deep. Take a copy to your doctor and get their opinion if you need to. After I read them have been taking it daily ever since. After about a month I noticed significant improvement in energy and over all health. I think I needed to detoxify my system initially. I have not had a cold or flu since I have been drinking Galaxy. You only drink about 2 teaspoons daily of this great tasting blend.

You will need to make up your own mind.

So what do we do about all this?

I recall  something Pat Zifferblatt co-founder with her husband of the Better Life Institute said to me many years ago. She said ” Nutritional supplements may not cure anything, but they do help your body to heal itself and they may delay the onset of disease and illness that you may be genetically predisposed to.”

That really made sense to me. Basically your health and longevity may be mainly due to your genetics, your environment and what you do to yourself as far as diet and self care. So if you are genetically predisposed to get a specific illness doesn’t it make sense that nutritional supplements can help your body and cells delay activating it to a much later date?

My plan is to increase the amounts of antioxidant rich foods in my diet as a preventive measure. Additionally I am taking the Galaxy High Antioxidant Blend Supplement on a daily basis. I have always been a big fan of supplements because my diet was not always the best. Sometimes now, my schedule and daily expectations of running a few businesses can make it difficult to balance the daily dietary needs with real life.

If you are interested in learning more check out those reports above and read for yourself. Get your doctors opinion of the Dr. Gary Booth findings and ultimately do what’s best for you and your family.

If you want to check out more about the Galaxy just let me know. I can send you more information. and check it out.

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Whole Plant CBD vs CBD Isolates. Why Whole Plant is better

Hemp oil

There seems to be some confusion in the CBD marketplace about what is better when it comes to getting your CBD from whole plant sources like Hemp or as an isolated single compound. It seems natural that the the whole plant must be better but lets look at the differences.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolates are all part of what is called “single compound” or “single molecule” CBD.

According to a 2015 study published in the journal Pharmacology and Pharmacy by an Israeli research team they found the following:

“These studies showed that administration of pure, single-molecule CBD resulted in a bell-shaped dose-response curve, meaning that when the amount of CBD exceeded a certain point its therapeutic impact declined dramatically. “Healing was only observed when CBD was given within a very limited dose range, whereas no beneficial effect was achieved at either lower or higher doses,” the authors observed. This characteristic of single-molecule CBD—manifested as a bell-shaped dose response—imposes serious obstacles that limit its usefulness in a clinical context.”

What that means is that if you take the right amount; not too low and not too high, you can certainly see some beneficial results.

Now lets compare the CBD from Whole plant sources.

Whole Plant CBD

The CBD from whole plant sources like HEMP are legal in all 50 states and many countries because it does not contain any THC. You can take this with no worries about legality and workplace drug testing. I would suggest you focus on the whole plant hemp sources if you are very concerned about it as it is a different plant and the CBD is not a marijuana derivative.

According to the Israeli study when they tested the Whole plant CBD the effects were pronounced. The anti-inflammatory effects were signification at any dosage, as they state here:

“it is superior over CBD for the treatment of inflammatory conditions.” The greater efficiency of the whole plant extract might be explained by additive or synergistic interactions between CBD and dozens of minor phytocannabinoids and hundreds of non-cannabinoid plant compounds. “It is likely that other components in the extract synergize with CBD to achieve the desired anti-inflammatory action that may contribute to overcoming the bell-shaped dose-response of purified CBD,” the Israeli team surmised.

Using whole plant hemp gives your body the “entourage effect”. Simply meaning, you benefit from all of the cannabinoids that are found in hemp, along with all of the other beneficial natural compounds hemp contains. Together your body is receiving the maximum benefit from this plant. Cannabinoid receptors are present in every organ of the body, including the nerves for the purpose of reducing the effects of stress. They are the pressure release valve of your body. Out of all of the cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) is the star cannabinoid and works best in the presence of other cannabinoids and compounds found in hemp. CBDs trigger retroactive neuro-transmitters that reduce over stimulated and over stressed nerves. This results in an over stressed person keeping their biochemistry in balance so they can sleep, have an overall feeling of well-being and be less irritable.*

What does all that mean to you and me?

  • It promotes better sleep*
  • You may have less anxiousness*
  • It means less pain. Pain is caused by inflammation. Reducing it, reduces the pain. Plain and simple.*
  • Assists in managing stress*
  • Increases focus*
  • Provides and over-all sense of well-being*
  • Restores the body through vital nutrition*

NO. Hemp is not Marijuana!

Hemp is a different plant and has different chemical constituents than marijuana. While they both belong to the same plant species, they are two distinct varieties. The most important difference between hemp and marijuana is that marijuana has high psychoactive THCs (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) however, the hemp used in Hempworx and NutraHG contains such a low level of THC that it is designated as THC free. The hemp plant contains cannabinoids that benefit every organ of the body resulting in a reduction of stress.

The CBD oil I recommend is supplied by LiveGood and is THC free and Non GMO all Organic. To learn more about it CLICK HERE.

There is also a new product called NutraHG. It is a beverage mix packet that mixes with water. It is a whole plant hemp CBD product that also has additional chlorophyll rich super greens as well as a perfect balance of Omegas-3, 6, 9 and 12.

Click the link If you would like to try a NutraHG SAMPLE

I have had great results in reducing recurring pain with these products. Try one and see if it can help you.

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*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.