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Is Silver Antibacterial?

Silver Bar

Silver is a well known antibacterial substance. It has been used for preventing bacterial growth in water for decades. It has natural properties that make is very effective in fact. It has been used to disinfect water supplies in the USA since the 1950’s.

It has been added to commercial water purifying systems to reduce the build up of bacteria in carbon filter media as well. It is also added to plastic and laminate materials to prevent mold and fungal growth on surfaces in the bathroom.

I even have a bathroom shower enclosure that has silver included in its material compound that prevents growth of mold and mildew in the shower.

How Can Silver Help Your Body?

Silver can also help you to prevent the bad bacteria and viruses from affecting you as well. In the past people would drink a mixture of colloidal silver to cure illness caused by bacteria and viruses. This worked too, but some had some side effects where taking too much can give the skin a blueish tint. This generally came from people making their own “home-brew” versions and they did not have the proper understanding that sometimes more is not better.

Today you can still benefit from using silver in the correct way and prevent bacterial  and viral infections. It can also prevent issues that arise from fungal growth as well as molds. and even some parasites.

What’s The Best Way to Use Silver?

Today the best way to get your daily silver is to use a structured silver. It takes a special process that bonds the silver molecules to water molecules which allows it to enter the body easily by drinking the silver water. Then the water and silver exits the body through normal urination.

One of the best things about this structured silver is that it remains active and effective as it passes through your system. This means it kills bacteria and virus at the cellular level and does not get absorbed and stay in the body indefinitely. It literally kills only the bad bacterial, virus, mold and fungus all the way through the body. Some old colloidal silvers were being absorbed by the body tissues and that’s what gave the blueish tint.

If you can find a structured silver that is in an alkalized water you are better yet. Since the alkaline water also prevents bacterial and viral growth you can have the perfect way to natural prevent illness and help your body fight these infectious agents.

I personally take a structured silver water everyday to prevent illness. It really works. I also have a silver gel that I have been using on some skin irritations and also mosquito bites. The Gel I use has a structured silver with oxygenated gel. It can help heal a skin injury very quickly because it keeps it from getting infected and inflamed.

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