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How I Use Online Dating Methods To Build Network Marketing Teams


If you have previously been involved in a network marketing company during the 1990’s or even later you may have been introduced to the business and its products by way of a face to face meeting. It was probably a 1 on 1, or a home meeting or possibly an open opportunity meeting at a hotel. That is how I came to be aware of the Amway business opportunity back in 1989.

I call that the “old school” method for building the business and in my opinion, it can really limit your business growth and velocity. 1 on 1’s are still the best way to explain the business to your friends and family to be sure. But is it the best way to share with your warm market or cold markets?

In my opinion it is not, and I will tell you why. Today we use all kinds of online and virtual methods of staying in contact and communicating with people we have not met in person. Think social media, right? Today we are using the internet to do just about everything and why not? Today we can even meet our future significant other online before meeting in person. It’s called online dating.


When I joined the Amway business in 1989 there was no internet really and certainly no one was doing online dating. Yikes it all seemed ridiculous when it finally got rolling. Who would actually use an online dating service? That is not for me. I still recall when my first friend used it and found a great person who eventually he did marry. They are still happily together today. Why did he use this method? Well he was too busy with work. He did not want to go to bars and clubs. He wanted to find someone who was already “screened” for compatibility to some degree. In actuality it all made sense, and it really does work. Why not apply that method to network marketing?

In Network Marketing or MLM as it is referred to sometimes what are we really doing? We are looking for compatible business partners. Just like with dating the two people can checked each other out before deciding to work together.

I use online tools to allow people who are looking for a business opportunity to find me, just like in online dating. It’s all very simple and very cool. They can take a free tour of my business. Check out the compensation plan, products and back office to determine if it is compatible with their goals and desired focus.

I can also establish their level of interest, commitment, experience and skills to determine if we can work together and if I have the time to invest in helping them get started and reach their goals. This is just like determining compatibility in the online dating process. Why shouldn’t you be able to reach out to others and have them be able to reach out to you, when we are looking for each other?

The fact is this process flat out works! I am looking for people interested in a business opportunity. There are many people looking for an opportunity. I just use online methods to connect the two groups and I teach others how to do the same thing.

time savings


One of the best things about network marketing is that it can produce time duplication. Meaning it removes the attachment of time and money from the equation. You no longer have to be income limited by the number of hours you can work. That’s what happens on the job, right? No one can personally work 24 hours a day, and that’s all we get each day.

It always seemed strange to me that we should limit ourselves to the constraints of time to limit how many people we can reach with our business opportunities each day. After all we want to duplicate our time not limit it. I can reach hundreds of people each day and generate 20-40 leads each day. There are few if any people who can do that using the “old school” methods of building network marketing.

Very few companies have supported the new methods and fewer yet even are aware of it. Today I can decide to reach out and generate leads in any state in the USA I want to focus on; or all of them if I want. This can also be done by reaching out into other countries of choice.

There are literally millions of people that I can connect together when they are each looking for each other.


Some people who really understand this process I use and teach think that I can reach every person on earth and it will be “saturated” within a short period of time. Meaning everyone who wants to be involved; will be involved. I only wish that was possible. In reality it is not possible. Every day 1000’s of people who turn 18 years of age and are now eligible to start and own their own business. So, there is always a growing group of people who have never heard of what we do. Additionally, it is frequently about the right timing. Not everyone is open to a business opportunity at the same time. That openness changes over time depending on individual circumstances.

I hope this all gets you thinking out of the “old school” box just a little bit. Today network marketing businesses need to change and if the company doesn’t then you may need to consider adapting your methods fit today’s needs and learn to be the most effective you can be.

So if you think we might be a “match” then let’s discuss how we may be able to work together. Contact me. I can’t promise you anything but what have you got to lose?

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Best Home Based Businesses

Can You Still Have The American Dream of Business Ownership?

It’s an interesting question to me actually. It may seem that today with all the large corporations merging and taking over the markets they’re in, is there still room for the average person to have their own business? From my vantage point the answer is YES! And it’s even easier today, than it has ever been.



I am old enough to remember the days before the internet. I know that was a long time ago right? When it began there were no business opportunities for the average American. It was all about the browsers, chat rooms and email back then. Netscape, AOL and others were trying to dominate it first. The start of being able to buy something online was in its infancy because no one knew how to take payments yet. Amazon was a baby still!

Today we can have our own online business that allows you to sell just about anything to anyone in the world. The “E-Commerce” term is not heard much any more because we are all used to shopping online and having the items show up the next day. Thanks to Amazon, we all have the expectations of see it now, get it now. So how can you take advantage of this?

You can have your own EBAY store or be an Amazon reseller. You can have an Etsy shop or just about any online business website you can dream of!

You can earn money by promoting others people products and websites through affiliate marketing too. The earning potential is pretty much limitless.


Is it still viable to have a successful brick and mortar store? I think the answer is a definite yes. There will still be the desire to have an experience and you can only get that when you visit a store and walk the aisles. Check out what Target and Walmart are doing lately. The motif has been changed to be more inviting. They have added back some old staples like music and lighting to make you want to stay longer. In some stores like Sprouts and others they have a lounge you can sit and enjoy eating your purchases all along with the obligatory free WI-FI. And even the world’s largest online retailer Amazon bought Whole Foods to have a physical store presence.

Some businesses will never be online 100%. You may want to consider starting a restaurant or other entertainment type business. The only concerns with conventional businesses is they are generally capital intensive and risky. If you have an online business you just don’t have the overhead, so you can start for a low investment and you don’t need to mortgage the house! Low investment equals lower risk!


This one is a bit of a hybrid because most home based businesses are really run out of your home, but still may have a significant online presence. There are some that are home based, in that you are producing a product that is sold online and/or at regional shows or events. The lines are getting blurred. What about promoting your business online or using social media? Does that make it an online business? What if you accept order online and fulfil out of your home? Well you get the point.


One interesting trend is being able to have more than one stream of income. There is  a trend where many companies are not hiring workers permanently any more. They are using contractors. This allows them to have the human resources on a per project or task basis. It may be more cost effective and they can be released easier and faster when the project is done. I know people who are more “freelance” in their work and are getting work from more than one source. Sounds a lot like having your own business. Tax benefits and all.

For many people there is the desire to start and own their own business in addition to working a job. This is for many reasons, including having extra income to live but also to have the extra things in life or set up a retirement income stream too.

Today it is even easier to have the American Dream of having your own business! You don’t have to quit your job to do it. You don’t need a second mortgage and you don’t need to risk everything. You can start small and build large. Earn while you learn.  If you have ever watched the popular TV show Shark Tank then you know all it takes is one idea to hit it big.

If it has always been your dream then don’t wait! It is easy to start today. It won’t fall into your lap so just get started moving forward.

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The Best MLM Business For Engineers

If you are an Engineer or other technical professional you are probably earning good money but also understand that time is the most valuable resource, and that is in short supply. If you have money but no time to enjoy it what is the purpose???


Ideally we need both right? Time and Money! Yes that’s it, isn’t it? As with most high paid professions it can take a lot of time investment into a career to be successful. So how can you get both time and money? You need to consider leveraging your time to get more of it. As long as we trade time for money you will eventually run out of time in the day. There’s only 24 hours day for each of us. But how can we leverage it better?



The only way to get more time in your life is to be able to buy it back. You need to stop only trading time for money. The MLM or Network Marketing Business model works off a principle of time duplication. It is based on the J. Paul Getty phrase where he said ” I would rather get paid 1% of a hundred mens efforts instead of 100% of my own efforts”

That’s what the concept of network marketing and franchising is based on. In reality each and every one of us can use this method to build an income that is ongoing by building a team of like minded people who understand the power of the numbers in this model.

Consider this: If you asked most people if they would prefer to have a penny every day doubled or a million dollars they usually say the million bucks. But lets see how this would really lay out.

Day 1: $.01
Day 2: $.02
Day 3: $.04
Day 4: $.08
Day 5: $.16
Day 6: $.32
Day 7: $.64
Day 8: $1.28
Day 9: $2.56
Day 10: $5.12
Day 11: $10.24
Day 12: $20.48
Day 13: $40.96
Day 14: $81.92
Day 15: $163.84
Day 16: $327.68
Day 17: $655.36
Day 18: $1,310.72
Day 19: $2,621.44
Day 20: $5,242.88
Day 21: $10,485.76
Day 22: $20,971.52
Day 23: $41,943.04
Day 24: $83,886.08
Day 25: $167,772.16
Day 26: $335,544.32
Day 27: $671,088.64
Day 28: $1,342,177.28
Day 29: $2,684,354.56
Day 30: $5,368,709.12

Network Marketing is like that too. You don’t need to know a ton of people because if everyone just knows a few the numbers on your team will expand greatly. Remember it starts out slow but build over time.


If you are an engineer and understand everything we have just covered then what should you look for in a network marketing company? Here is my list of must haves:

  • Online Lead Generation System
  • Email Auto Responder to follow up
  • Online Sales Funnel Tool
  • Teaching and Training System
  • I growing product category that is consumable
  • Ability to work with like minded people
  • Excellent compensation plan with no income limits
  • Ability to work in your spare time
  • Little to no investment
  • No home, hotel or restaurant meetings
  • No need to attend rah rah functions
  • Stable company financial position
  • Most important Introverts can build it successfully

If you are like me and are better with computers and machines than people you can still build a second income that could allow you to work less hours and spend more time with your computer or robots. You can also invest that money into your retirement or even retire early if you wanted too. Who knows, you may even be able to buy a ticket on the first passenger space flights soon! It’s up to you and yes you can do it your way!

Thanks for reading!

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How Hard Is it To Build A Network Marketing Business?


To me this is an interesting question. It’s really all relative to what each person has already accomplished in their life and what they have experienced. In the beginning it was very difficult for me to build a network marketing business.

It was 1989 and a friend from high school asked me if I ever looked at other ways of making money? I had already had a few conventional businesses that failed. I still had the dream of being a successful business owner, so I listened to the Amway business plan. It looked something like the image above. It seemed to me that it was a great way to start a business with very little investment other than time. Since I had finally paid off all of my business loans and credit accounts from my old businesses I was not to open to investing a lot of money.

The network marketing business needed time and duplication. What I did not figure on was that not everyone was looking for a business opportunity. Many people are just fine with working a job until they can collect social security. Now what? I was assuming that most people were like me. Wrong!


That’s the first lesson in Network Marketing I learned. If I wanted to build this type of business I would need to learn how to find people who were open minded to a business opportunity. People who are willing to work for themselves. People who can invest time over the next 2-5 years to build an income that is reoccurring in their spare time. That actually is not hard to do, but you need to ask the questions. My issue was I was very uncomfortable talking with people; even the ones I knew. For other people like me this is where it gets hard. The biggest issue I think most people face is rejection. They don’t want to hear the word “no”. That was not my issue but I needed to overcome my fear of talking to people. It also required the mindset that I had something they would want and that not everyone would be able to qualify for it. I had to learn what is called posture.

Eventually I was able to learn how to do this and my business began to grow. One essential you will need to build yours is to have people know what you are doing. If no one knows then you won’t have anyone joining you. Sounds simple but you would be surprised how many people join then do not tell anyone they in involved. How will they ever be able to build a team?


Now its much easier to generate leads in my network. I now have people who are looking for me. They will look for you and what you are doing too. The key today is to help them find you. You don’t need to go finding them. Thousands of people each day are looking for a new business opportunities, just like I was. I started searching using the internet and started looking for the best network marketing opportunity available. If  I was to wait to be asked, person to person it may have been a long wait. You see I am like a lot of people very busy and not really very accessible. If I was going to wait until I was cold contacted it might never happen. I had to go looking.

This is what makes one of the harder things to do in the “old” way of building networks a much easier task. Yes, there are still people who don’t rely on any online methods but they will never be able to extend the reach that you can. The old way of building required us to drive many miles, make a lot of cold contacts and even call out of the phone book to find prospects.

Of course today I talk to people I meet about my opportunity and use the online methods. But building online and offline work best.


The answer is compared to what? Compared to not having a business of your own it’s easy. Compared to building a conventional business with a lot of debt, pressure and risk? It’s not hard at all. Sometimes I wish it cost $20,000 to join network marketing businesses. This way you would only have the really serious builders. Can you imagine if you had a few really good builders working with you on your team? Together you could crush it and build a multi-million dollar business together. That being said it would also eliminate a lot of excellent people who don’t have that kind of money to invest. In fact you can start this business with almost no money at all. That gives everyone an opportunity to go from zero to millionaire if they are willing to work for it.

In Network Marketing you only need to find a few builders and you can develop a six figure income per year. It’s no different than if you had a franchise business; like Subway Sandwiches. You would want to own a few really good locations. If you just owned one you may be able to earn as much as you would on a job. You would probably need to work your one location and to free up your time you need to be able to buy it back, right? That requires being able to duplicate your time. As long as your trading your time for money you will have a limit on your income. No one can work more than 24 hours in a day.



This is the key to earning big incomes in network marketing. You need to be able to teach a few leaders in your business how to build a successful business and then they will be duplicating what you learned to do and teach people on their teams. Once you have several builders or leaders doing this the business can grow very quickly. This is sometimes where people get crossed up. This is not pyramid building here. You are not getting people to join your team so you can get rich. It does not work that way. This is where you help other people become successful then the earnings your get from each one will add up to a lot of earnings for you.

It does not work the other way around and you are not looking for a bunch of people to go sell for you. You want business owners just like you!

Today it’s easier than ever to build a network marketing business. We have lots of online and offline tools. We have apps, websites and landing pages. We have funnels and email responders that can be used to help bring people up to speed on the opportunities we have available.

We have the ability to help the people who are looking for opportunities to find us and for us to build teams faster than ever before while staying in contact through phone calls, texts, blogs and videos. We can teach through video, webinars and conference calls as well as live video broadcasts over our cellphones and home computers. We can connect with more people in more ways than ever before. To me it is much easier than just about any other kind of business and with the incredibly low startup cost of virtually zero. The payback is almost immediate. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s what you choose to do with it that will make the difference in your income. Give it a try!

Thanks for reading! To take a look at what I have been working on check out the free tour HERE NOW!

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Is The Hempworx Business Saturated?


Now that more people are finally hearing about CBD and learning that not only does it have some health benefits but that there is a business opportunity that can be had. Some people are wondering if it is saturated already. This is a term i first heard after I joined Amway back in 1989.

When I first saw the Amway opportunity it was all new to me. The company, the products, the network marketing method. All of it! I had never heard anything about it and it had already been around for 50 years.

After I joined and started sharing the business opportunity, I had a few people who saw the duplication process we discussed and said that the business couldn’t work because it would get “saturated”. To them that meant that everyone that wanted to get involved, already had. Funny how most of those that gave that excuse never got in, so how could it get saturated?

To give you some perspective about the Hempworx Opportunity becoming saturated, consider this. in 1989 when I joined Amway they had been in business for 50 years. Done about $2 billion in business. The group I was involved in had over 600,000 people in it when I joined. Over the next 10 years we saw thousands of new people join the business. Obviously it wasn’t saturated yet was it? How could it be really? After all every day there are people who are turning 18 years of age who can now get involved in your business.

As of this writing Hempworx has about 60,000 distributors and did $100 million in sales. Even though it is one of the fastest growing network marketing businesses with a CBD product focus we still have a long way to grow to even get close to reaching our full potential.

What you really have to consider is are you going to get involved while Hempworx is in it’s initial stages of growth or when they are doing $2 billion in sales? As you can see from my own experience with Amway it doesn’t really matter when you get involved. You set your own pace and your own growth rate. You can have a large or small part of the multi billion dollar business as it grows.

For Hempworx they are just in their infancy still. As the company and it’s distributors continue to expand the business momentum will be reached where it will seem like everyone is getting involved. That’s when it is going to get really fun and there will be millionaires made at that time.

Does it really matter when you choose to build your own business? If you become a millionaire a few years later than some others, is that still acceptable? For most the answers are No and Yes. To others it may not be okay. That’s what’s great about building this type of business you can go fast or slow. It is all up to you.

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Retirement Tips to Consider As You Make Your Plans For The Future


If you search on the internet for “Retirement” you will get millions of findings. About 1,080,000,000 results on google came up for me. You need to be more specific on what you are looking for here. Most of us that are still in the planning phase of our retirement may need to learn more about how much it takes to retire or find a retirement calculator. Other will be looking for investment options or even places to live when they retire.

I recall seeing different options as I was entering the workforce than we have today. I did not choose to work for the government or a company that was unionized so most people like me did not get a option for  a pension plan. Most us have the option of a 401K or another type of employer savings plan, Social Security and other personal savings.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how much is enough to have and what will the best timing be. One thing I remember a very wealthy man telling me was that retirement should be decided by income, not by age. He felt that most people spend 40 hours a week for 45 years working so they can retire on about half what they had been earning or less. Seems right. Hopefully we can get our income where we need it to be to retire at an earlier age than 65 or 70.


I guess now, I am focused on creating as many different streams of income as I can to support me in the retirement years. In addition to the ones above I am focused on creating additional cash flow. This probably more important than having a home that is worth $500,000, because you can’t spend it. Cash flow is what is needed to support your daily living expenses. Sure you can take some of the earning from your various plans but if you take too much the principal balance diminishes and the earnings will be reducing instead of increasing. Not Good.

Tip #1-You should look into creating cash flow, not just savings.



According to an article written by Richard Quinn, called “10 retirement lessons from a retired retirement pro” he gives us this lesson #5 from his list

“5. Inflation is real. For many people, health care spending, property taxes and rent will be the big inflation concerns. There’s no escaping inflation, so you need to plan. I would suggest having a pool of money that you leave untouched and allow to grow, until you need it later in retirement to offset increasing expenses.”

It certainly gets you thinking about how to offset for this doesn’t it? As our money sits in savings accounts that don’t earn enough interest to beat the inflation rate the actual purchasing power actually reduces over time.

Tip #2- Don’t forget the impact of inflation on things that we actually buy.


Some people joke about being a Walmart greeter after they retire because they will need to continue working in their retirement years. For some it is to continue to be productive and remain part of something. For others it is to add some needed income. I recall talking to a older guy I worked with. We were discussing when we would retire. He said “I’m never going to retire, I don’t want to sit in a rocking chair and do nothing for the rest of my life”. I thought that was odd actually, because I thought that retirement is when you get to do everything. I realized later on that he wanted to stay active and contribute to something. I think that his fear was of not being useful anymore. I can see now that he was not considering all the options. He was a skilled trade person who could teach others his skills. He could have taken on a business or even began another career after his main one ended. Many people are just working until they can no longer do it, due to health reasons.

Consider the options you may have as you consider retirement. You may be able to run a  business, be a consultant to the industry you worked in or work in another field entirely if you want. No one says it’s a requirement to retire into a rocking chair or anything.

Tip #3 Consider planning to work longer than your employer may want you to. Consider the options above or look into creating a passive income, that can continue to support your lifestyle.

In any case you need to think about what you are going to do. No decision, is still a decision and leaving it up to chance may not be the best method. If you need help from a profession planner make sure they are reputable and make an appointment. For a look into one of the best options for Retirement Income take a look HERE!

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How Do You Create Urgency In Your Network Marketing Business Team?

So you have started your Network Marketing Business and you don’t know how to create a sense of urgency in yourself or your team. It is possible that your sponsor or upline is talking about “getting and sense of urgency” but they have not told you how to do it. It can be easier said than done, but here are few tips to help you achieve it for yourself and your team members.

Urgency Tip # 1- Set Goals

This is critical to generating urgency. We are talking about you setting goals for yourself and in some cases your team. When you have a goal that is SMART it helps you to be focused on urgently doing the things that need to be done to achieve it and nothing else.

SMART Goals are different than just  saying I am going to enroll two people in my business this month.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Based

The Time Based part is the part that drives urgency, but be careful here. You need to understand if you are giving yourself a realistic time-frame to hit the goal. For example, if your goal is to earn $10,000 this month in your business and you only have two days per month you can work on it, then is it very likely that it is achievable? It may or may not be. You want to have bit of a reach to hit your goal but it needs to be somewhat tied to the amount of effort you can invest. Work with your business leaders to help you set this or message me and I will help you out.

Urgency Tip #2-Break It Down

Have you ever heard the phrase “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” this is exactly what you need to do to create urgency. Break the goal or objective down into small parts that you can do very quickly. This creates momentum in you and in your team.

Urgency tip #3-Focus

This means staying focused on doing only the work that leads to the goal you have set. Anything else is a distraction and diverts your resources away from fast growth and urgency. Keep in mind that some of your time may need to be spent teaching and helping your team how to do these things. That done, will lead to effective duplication and increase the velocity and urgency the business is being built by the whole team.

Final Thoughts

Remember that creating this sense of urgency does not mean that your are doing nothing but driving your team into a frenzy of activity, where everyone is bouncing off the walls. When you are talking about your business or products with prospects who need more time to make a decisions than you are wanting to give. Just remember that everyone moves at their own pace. Don’t blow them out of the business forever because you want to succeed faster than they want to join.

This is short term thinking and will not work! You will need people at all different levels of learning and thinking and learning about your business opportunity. Some will jump in right away, others will take 2 or 3 years. You want them all so don’t be rude because you are in a hurry. That is not the same as being urgent. Just continue to move forward and find people who want to go as fast as you do, but keep all of them in play until they tell you ” no I don’t want to join you”.

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Why Your Customers Are Important To Building Your MLM Team


When building your MLM team the focus is always on recruiting members on the team. Most of the effort is centered around showing the business opportunity to friends and family and then on to warm and cold contacts. Of course there is nothing wrong with this approach as it needs to be done to expand and grow.

It does seem that many network marketers don’t want to have customers, so they use them only as a fall back position. Meaning; if the person did not want to get involved as a business associate in your mlm then make them a customer. If they order fine, if not you move on to another prospect, right?

Here’s something to consider. If the customer learns about your product and they find a lot of benefit and value they will share it naturally with their friends and family about the improvements they are seeing and feeling. Just like they share about a great restaurant or movie, they can share about what they like about your product and will help you by sharing their story with others. I have added many customers this way, and eventually some of those may want to join the team as well. That’s a process that can duplicate and bring you big growth and happy customers.

This is also one of the best ways to introduce people to what you are doing in your business. Some people are very uncomfortable just contacting others about the business opportunity. For some reason they don’t see it as sharing something that people need, in the same way as they do about sharing a product. In actuality they are both the same. You have something that people need, but they may not know it yet. That’s why taking good care of your customers can be a great way to expand your circle of contacts and prospects.

The key is to generate business volume because that’s what you get paid on. Use every method you can to do that.

Be friendly not pushy. Be helpful not angry. Be patient not rushed. I spent a lot of my early days in Amway just plowing through people and not really caring about them. That method does not bring long term success and can actually move your business backwards.

You have to have posture for sure but not arrogance. You don’t need to be rude or insulting to people who are not ready to buy from you or join your team. You never know what may change in their life that makes them come back to you. Make sure you treat them well so they come back to you!

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Why Skeptics Make The Best Business Leaders

If you have been in a network marketing company for any time at all, you will run into some pretty hardcore skeptics. They are the people who try to tell you, that what you are doing can’t work. Sometimes they can break you down to a point where you start believing them. This is especially true if the person is a trusted friend or family member.

Most people are not really trying to make you feel bad. They are really just not fully informed and they probably don’t understand how your business opportunity actually works.

My advice is to pull back a bit when confronting their objections. Most skeptics are expecting you to defend your business and if you are very passionate about it you may even feel the need to attack them. I mean verbally of course. Instead of answering their objections, I ask them questions. If they say that is a pyramid scheme! I don’t try to convince them it’s not. At least not directly. I ask them to tell me why you think it’s a pyramid? Or What is a pyramid?

They will tell you the guy at the top makes all the money and the guy at the bottom doesn’t make any money etc, etc. At this point I agree with them and say “good I was worried for a moment. In our company we are a legal business and we know pyramid schemes are illegal. In our company the next person who starts can be the biggest earner in the company.

They will continue to give you more and more objections. What they are really doing is learning all the details about your business. Eventually they will run out of excuses and either decide to get involved or not. Either way you explained your business calmly and professionally. Most skeptics don’t expect you to use this approach and it really disarms them, so they can actually listen and learn.

In my personal situation I am definitely a big skeptic. I also did this to my first sponsor when I joined Amway back in 1989. A high school friend put up with my abuse for about 2 hours and then really disarmed me by saying, “fine, then don’t do the business!”.

This was the first time he actual bit back at me and it really ticked me off that I just spent the last 2 hours telling him all the ways it would not work. The moment he took the opportunity from me I started to feel something different. I was like, hey don’t tell me I can’t do it. I’ll get in to show you how it can’t work. I know…How dumb was that?

I joined him and we ended up building a good size business and we became leaders eventually. I still needed a lot of changing and learning. Believe me!

The point is that most of the best leaders are very skeptical of things. This can force them to check it out a bit deeper than most. If you’re involved with a good company that has a good compensation plan and products. They will investigate it completely. That is what you really want. Once they investigate and understand the details the only thing left is to enroll them and get them started.

Yes they ask tons of questions. Yes it can get irritating. In the end you may just enroll your first or next leader. Who knows exactly? It sure will make a great story one day, That’s for sure!

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How to Build A Network Marketing Business If You Are Afraid To Talk To People

When I first learned that you can build a business of your own with the network marketing concept I figured I would only need to share this with my few friends and family and everything would expand from there. Guess what? It didn’t. Yes a few family members joined and it was really good to work together. But now what do I do? I was told, now to go and talk to people who are acquaintances and then start cold contacting. WHAT? Are You Serious?

Fear of Talking To People

Here is where one of my biggest fears happened. I needed to talk to people I barely know or don’t know at all about my business opportunity. Yikes! I, like many people fear talking to people, talking to groups of people or talking to people you don’t know, talking to people one on one. I don’t like talking in front of people or even near other people. And even just plain talking is an issue.

I was an introvert and pretty shy and self conscience growing up. I was a tall, skinny kid with no desire to interact with others.  I was a  “gork”. I was gangly armed and legged  person and a dork, so there you go. I stayed inside and read books and made models of cars, planes and boats.

I am sure you either are like that or know someone who is like that. This unfortunately makes a bad combination for building a business that is all about people talking to others. Sharing products and business opportunities.

I have heard it said that the fear of public speaking is more feared than death itself. I think I can agree with that. At least for the first 1000 or so times, I tried to talk to someone about my business opportunity. Heck I had trouble talking to my family and I knew them.

So, Don’t Talk To People, And Build It Anyway

For many people they will simply quit building their business because the fear of talking to people is too great. They won’t share the stories about the product and will not prospect for people to join their business. I know, because that’s what I did for a while. I did not actually quit the business; but I stopped doing the things that are actual revenue producing activities. Things like showing the plan to people and promoting, and prospecting and following up. I remember finally showing my own plans 1 on 1. I was so relived that I had done it I didn’t even followup. Frankly I did not care to. What if they got involved? Then I might have to show the business plan to people they knew but I didn’t. What a spiral.

Back in the late 80’s early 90’s we did not have the internet or cell phones. Social media had not been created yet. Today we can use those tools to build our businesses and it allows us to build a bridge in our business maturity. This means we can still build our network marketing businesses using means other than talking using our voices. We can use texting, emails, blogs, social media posts etc. We can even make videos. For some reason people can do that and not feel that they are talking to thousands of people. This will allow you to bridge the gap from being totally fearful of talking to people and the time-frame when you finally become more comfortable. You can continue on while you work on conquering the fear.

It’s Like Online Dating

Today many people meet online and develop a relationship that carries over into the real world. If we can find our true soul mate or our partner using the online tools and methods, then why can’t you find interested people for your products or business opportunity? The answer is you can. It’s a really great way to build your business. Only interested people reach out to you and so there is virtually no rejection. You don’t have to feel bad because someone said no, to getting involved in your business because you can now have 100’s of leads everyday that are coming to you.

Don’t Quit! Just Work!

That is right! Stay in and build your business using whatever means possible. As long as it is legal and ethical of course. If you feel able to create the best posts for social media. Then do that full time. Eventually add on additional methods and tools. Eventually you will get more and more confident in what you are doing and you will start talking and sharing with people you know in person. I know people who have developed a six figure income and don’t ever meet their network marketing people in person or even speak on the phone.

Over a period of time you will become better at every aspect of growing your business. Today the many methods we have available to us, allow you to build in multiple ways until we can use all of the methods effectively. I teach my team how to do this every day. If I can learn it so can you.


Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home


Thanks for Reading!

Mark Balderrama

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