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How Do You Create Urgency In Your Network Marketing Business Team?

So you have started your Network Marketing Business and you don’t know how to create a sense of urgency in yourself or your team. It is possible that your sponsor or upline is talking about “getting and sense of urgency” but they have not told you how to do it. It can be easier said than done, but here are few tips to help you achieve it for yourself and your team members.

Urgency Tip # 1- Set Goals

This is critical to generating urgency. We are talking about you setting goals for yourself and in some cases your team. When you have a goal that is SMART it helps you to be focused on urgently doing the things that need to be done to achieve it and nothing else.

SMART Goals are different than just  saying I am going to enroll two people in my business this month.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Based

The Time Based part is the part that drives urgency, but be careful here. You need to understand if you are giving yourself a realistic time-frame to hit the goal. For example, if your goal is to earn $10,000 this month in your business and you only have two days per month you can work on it, then is it very likely that it is achievable? It may or may not be. You want to have bit of a reach to hit your goal but it needs to be somewhat tied to the amount of effort you can invest. Work with your business leaders to help you set this or message me and I will help you out.

Urgency Tip #2-Break It Down

Have you ever heard the phrase “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” this is exactly what you need to do to create urgency. Break the goal or objective down into small parts that you can do very quickly. This creates momentum in you and in your team.

Urgency tip #3-Focus

This means staying focused on doing only the work that leads to the goal you have set. Anything else is a distraction and diverts your resources away from fast growth and urgency. Keep in mind that some of your time may need to be spent teaching and helping your team how to do these things. That done, will lead to effective duplication and increase the velocity and urgency the business is being built by the whole team.

Final Thoughts

Remember that creating this sense of urgency does not mean that your are doing nothing but driving your team into a frenzy of activity, where everyone is bouncing off the walls. When you are talking about your business or products with prospects who need more time to make a decisions than you are wanting to give. Just remember that everyone moves at their own pace. Don’t blow them out of the business forever because you want to succeed faster than they want to join.

This is short term thinking and will not work! You will need people at all different levels of learning and thinking and learning about your business opportunity. Some will jump in right away, others will take 2 or 3 years. You want them all so don’t be rude because you are in a hurry. That is not the same as being urgent. Just continue to move forward and find people who want to go as fast as you do, but keep all of them in play until they tell you ” no I don’t want to join you”.

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Why Your Customers Are Important To Building Your MLM Team


When building your MLM team the focus is always on recruiting members on the team. Most of the effort is centered around showing the business opportunity to friends and family and then on to warm and cold contacts. Of course there is nothing wrong with this approach as it needs to be done to expand and grow.

It does seem that many network marketers don’t want to have customers, so they use them only as a fall back position. Meaning; if the person did not want to get involved as a business associate in your mlm then make them a customer. If they order fine, if not you move on to another prospect, right?

Here’s something to consider. If the customer learns about your product and they find a lot of benefit and value they will share it naturally with their friends and family about the improvements they are seeing and feeling. Just like they share about a great restaurant or movie, they can share about what they like about your product and will help you by sharing their story with others. I have added many customers this way, and eventually some of those may want to join the team as well. That’s a process that can duplicate and bring you big growth and happy customers.

This is also one of the best ways to introduce people to what you are doing in your business. Some people are very uncomfortable just contacting others about the business opportunity. For some reason they don’t see it as sharing something that people need, in the same way as they do about sharing a product. In actuality they are both the same. You have something that people need, but they may not know it yet. That’s why taking good care of your customers can be a great way to expand your circle of contacts and prospects.

The key is to generate business volume because that’s what you get paid on. Use every method you can to do that.

Be friendly not pushy. Be helpful not angry. Be patient not rushed. I spent a lot of my early days in Amway just plowing through people and not really caring about them. That method does not bring long term success and can actually move your business backwards.

You have to have posture for sure but not arrogance. You don’t need to be rude or insulting to people who are not ready to buy from you or join your team. You never know what may change in their life that makes them come back to you. Make sure you treat them well so they come back to you!

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Why Skeptics Make The Best Business Leaders

If you have been in a network marketing company for any time at all, you will run into some pretty hardcore skeptics. They are the people who try to tell you, that what you are doing can’t work. Sometimes they can break you down to a point where you start believing them. This is especially true if the person is a trusted friend or family member.

Most people are not really trying to make you feel bad. They are really just not fully informed and they probably don’t understand how your business opportunity actually works.

My advice is to pull back a bit when confronting their objections. Most skeptics are expecting you to defend your business and if you are very passionate about it you may even feel the need to attack them. I mean verbally of course. Instead of answering their objections, I ask them questions. If they say that is a pyramid scheme! I don’t try to convince them it’s not. At least not directly. I ask them to tell me why you think it’s a pyramid? Or What is a pyramid?

They will tell you the guy at the top makes all the money and the guy at the bottom doesn’t make any money etc, etc. At this point I agree with them and say “good I was worried for a moment. In our company we are a legal business and we know pyramid schemes are illegal. In our company the next person who starts can be the biggest earner in the company.

They will continue to give you more and more objections. What they are really doing is learning all the details about your business. Eventually they will run out of excuses and either decide to get involved or not. Either way you explained your business calmly and professionally. Most skeptics don’t expect you to use this approach and it really disarms them, so they can actually listen and learn.

In my personal situation I am definitely a big skeptic. I also did this to my first sponsor when I joined Amway back in 1989. A high school friend put up with my abuse for about 2 hours and then really disarmed me by saying, “fine, then don’t do the business!”.

This was the first time he actual bit back at me and it really ticked me off that I just spent the last 2 hours telling him all the ways it would not work. The moment he took the opportunity from me I started to feel something different. I was like, hey don’t tell me I can’t do it. I’ll get in to show you how it can’t work. I know…How dumb was that?

I joined him and we ended up building a good size business and we became leaders eventually. I still needed a lot of changing and learning. Believe me!

The point is that most of the best leaders are very skeptical of things. This can force them to check it out a bit deeper than most. If you’re involved with a good company that has a good compensation plan and products. They will investigate it completely. That is what you really want. Once they investigate and understand the details the only thing left is to enroll them and get them started.

Yes they ask tons of questions. Yes it can get irritating. In the end you may just enroll your first or next leader. Who knows exactly? It sure will make a great story one day, That’s for sure!

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How to Handle the Extra Stress At The Holidays


Here we go again! The holidays are upon us and we are starting the annual process of trying to have the “Griswold Family Christmas”. The list of things to get done seems to grow by the day as we try to correct the problems we had last season and avoid new ones this season. It’s easier said than done. If it’s like Ellen Griswold said in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation-“It’s the holidays and we’re all miserable” then read on.

Here are some tips to reduce your stress levels and help you focus on what matter most to you.

Tip #1 Don’t over-commit and under-deliver

As you enter the season with a blank calendar don’t just add things randomly and don’t commit to doing everything that comes your way. This can be one of the hardest things to do. Between kids school plays, work parties and the friends and family get together, you can easily agree to go to everything without thinking about your overall stress and energy levels.

If you remember feeling overwhelmed last year with all the stuff you “had” to attend. Then this year try to cut it in half. You can always add things back as the inspiration strikes and you can also be more spontaneous if something comes along that just fits the bill perfectly. Learn to prioritize. Do the important and urgent things first.



Tip #2 Simplify by Considering New Options and Traditions

Just STOP what you are doing and have done! Consider doing things differently. Sometimes a lot of stress develops as you anticipate having to do things, that have brought you to the breaking point in previous years.

If planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning for 25 guests stresses you out. Then consider doing a pot luck. Or going out for dinner. I worked for a man a long time ago who taught me that your spouse should be able to enjoy the holiday too. Not have to spend it all in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. We have done this and its great to go out for dinner and return to a clean house. My wife would say it’s one of the best Christmas presents ever.

Consider giving a donation to a charity in pace of normal gift giving. It benefits someone who needs it most. Who needs to trade gift cards again this year? Right?

Create a photo slide show on your TV or tablet to let your family and visitors recall special events in your lives that happened throughout the past year.

Get together just for coffee and dessert. Remember stressed spelled backwards is dessert. Keep it simple.

images (3)

Tip # 3 Consider Healthy Habits and Celebration Options

Don’t forget to give yourself a present by considering alternatives to the standard Drink and Be Merry method. Cut down on the alcohol and other partying. It’s not helping your health and certainly not going to help if you’re depressed and stressed. Eat healthy and light meals. Feeling overstuffed increases the feelings of stress and anxiety.

Try natural stress relieving methods and supplements. If you have been thinking about trying CBD Oil to reduce stress its now a great time. Sometimes a  plain Vitamin B Complex can make a huge difference in your stress levels as your body depletes these with stress. Also consider Yoga, Meditation or just being more grateful for the positive things going on in your life.

images (5)

Just remember to take some time to decompress and enjoy. Maybe, just put the cellphone and tablet away. Turn off the TV and just have a cup of CBD coffee, or Hot Cocoa and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes. If it’s hard to find a quiet place in your house at the holidays, try getting a coffee and just sit in your car while listening to music for 15 minutes. No interruptions.

Much of the Stress comes from the way we put pressure on ourselves and what we believe others expect from us. Learn to set boundaries and just pull back a bit and enjoy what the holidays can bring. Friends, Family and Fun times. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and let it happen naturally.

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How to Contact and Talk to People About your Business Opportunity

One of the best times in network marketing is when you just signed up and realize that now you have a way to reach your goals and dreams. One of the worst times can be when you realize now you need to talk to someone else about the opportunity.

All of a sudden you become fearful about sharing something that you found to be awesome but you freeze up or don’t know what to say to your friends and family.

That is a normal feeling and you should not let it stop you.

When I first started in network marketing it was Amway in 1989. I wanted the income and loved the idea of owning my own business, but I was afraid to talk to people. I was very shy and introverted. I was very nervous about having to meet with people that I had never met before. I did not like to speak in front of people or to people, or even around people. So how was I able to build a large business? I had to learn and practice talking to people I have not met before. People we would call cold contacts.

I messed it up a bunch of times in the beginning. So will you. Everyone does. I remember I read or heard a saying that goes like this. “anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly, until you can do it well”. I felt like I had a revelation because that meant to me, that I can still be terrible at something and keep doing it and it would still work. And it did. In reality when I got better I actually was too polished and people started to think they could never do what I did. Or they thought they could never be as good as I was at contacting or showing the business plan.

I figured out fast that being real and relate-able was far more important that being great at a presentation. See, the people did not see me struggle so they did not know what it took to get the courage up to talk to someone about the business opportunity. They just thought I was always that good or comfortable. Well I wasn’t and I’m not. Evidently I have become very good at feeling like a nervous wreck on the inside and appearing confident on the outside.

What to Say

Talk to people in a normal way. Be a bit more excited than usual but not over the top. That pushes people away. In the beginning I always asked the successful leaders what they said and what they used for contacting. I felt if I said the exact same thing it would work for me. Be yourself and be real. That is what people recognize as a genuine person.

What I figured out was it doesn’t matter what the words are exactly. It matters how you say it. Here are some tips:

  • Have confidence when you speak but not arrogance.
  • Don’t push something on people. Make them want to know what you have.
  • Realize you have something they need; not that you need them to be successful because you don’t.
  • Get the posture right. You have the opportunity they don’t.
  • Borrow others success in your upline.
  • Make people give something to get something.
  • Don’t devalue what you are doing.
  • Ask them questions.
  • Be interested.
  • Be in a hurry.

I cover a bit more on my video above on this subject and give examples of how I do this today.

Learn to be Good

According to a TED talk they said it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. The good news here is that it only takes about 20 hours to become good at something. You can learn the skills of contacting people and become good at it in about 20 hours too.

In your business you don’t need to be an expert to get going. You can earn as you learn.

Just get started and don’t be afraid you will mess it up. Believe me you definitely will. That is why we suggest you start with your friends and family. If you mess it up you can always come back later and admit to it, and show them again. You may even sponsor some of them.

Network Marketing is like anything. It requires some skills, but all of them can be acquired with an investment in yourself of time, reading, learning and listening to people who are where, you want to be in life.


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How to Enroll High Income Earners in Your MLM Opportunity


Check out my new video on this topic. Don’t be afraid to offer the opportunity to everyone and let them make the choice. If you don’t offer it, then you made the choice for them and that is certainly not fair.

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The 8 Things People Want In Life


Now more than ever we seem to be looking for some things that are missing in our lives. The world is getting smaller they say and the times seem more chaotic for sure. But what do we do about it?

To help you focus and put in to words what you want most, take a look at what most people are looking for.

#1 Happiness

What does that mean to you? It’s sometimes hard to figure this out, but it’s what most people answer. Does it mean not having worries? Better lifestyle? More money?

Or is it simply a choice? A state of mind or being? Think internally not externally on this one. Figure out what it is for you.

#2 Money

This one is not too surprising that it makes the list. After all, everything we do cost money right? It’s not the most important thing in the world but it’s right up there with oxygen.

It’s more about how the money situation you’re in makes you feel. You can have millions of dollars and still feel anxiety and stress. For others living on social security is just fine. In other words, it’s a personal perspective on the amount of money you earn and have that matters. If you are looking to increase your income, savings and investments then learn to adopt the right behaviors that bring those things. You may have to stop other habits that are moving you away from that goal. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but being poor sure doesn’t.

#3 Freedom

This is a surprising one actually because here in the USA and throughout many countries we have the freedom to do what we want , when we want, right? Sadly not everyone does. I think people just have forgotten what they can do here. If you are looking for your “purpose” then you need to actually start looking. We want to “feel” free, yet are scared to muster the courage to do what’s necessary to “become” free.

Take a chance and explore the freedom you already have. So many people say “I Can’t do that”. YES…You Can ! It’s just a decision away. Make the choice for your freedom.

#4 Peace

We’re not talking about world peace on this one. This is about how you feel about yourself and things that are going on in your life. With today’s crazy pace and the continually barrage of information coming to you on your cellphone you will have to make a focused effort to take some time and develop the ability to feel peace.

You can focus on today, not tomorrow. You can forgive the past mistakes you made. You can turn down all the “noise” coming at you, by relaxing and meditating on the breath you take;and the sounds you make. As ell as whats going on around you. Take it all in, in great detail. Then enjoy it. It’s going to take some effort but you can do it.

#5 Joy

How do you get more joy in your life?  It starts with you looking at your situation and seeing that you have it better than some, not as good as others. Be grateful for what you have. Work towards enjoying where you are and what you are currently doing. Focus on the positivity of the task or situation. Become the person you are and continue to improve yourself. Become the person you were meant to be. You can decide to find the joy in what you are doing if you want to.

#6 Balance

Just like Mr. Miyagi said to Daniel in the movie the Karate Kid. ” all of life is balance”.  Find it by starting with the area that means the most to you. Is your schedule out of balance? Is your commitment to work out of balance? How about your top goals for family, finances and fitness? Get aligned with what you want and make sure you only do things that move you towards achieving them. You’ll feel better as you recognize that your efforts are what makes you progress. Not what others do. You are in control of this.

#7 Fulfillment

According to Kathy Cuprino Sr. Editor at Forbes:

Fulfillment can be defined as this: “Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.”

I like that definition. It means you need to use the abilities you have to feel fulfilled or you may need to expand on what you have. People who try to hideout at work or people who do the bare minimum never feel fulfilled.

Be the best you can be and actually use your talents to live up to your full potential.

#8 Confidence

This is a tough one because it is hard to break the cycle of feeling your not good enough to do what others are. Or you have been raised or conditioned to do what everyone expects you to do.

You can do anything you decide is important enough to gain the skills and the determination to begin. Don’t be “most people”. Most people don’t get a better job. Most people don’t ask for a raise. Most people don’t start their own business because we are concerned about what others will think of us. The bad news is most people care about you less than you think. They are focused on themselves usually.

Now it’s time for you to focus on yourself. Be the best most awesome person you can be. Do things your way, but do them. Don’t listen to your negative self talk. Break the barriers you have set. Own it and go for it. No excuses. It may not go perfectly at first. Just keep getting better.


The world is getting tougher and faster and more complex in many ways. Get back to the basics. Read a book or blog that can help you. Learn from a podcast or seminar. Use your skills. Focus on what you are really capable of and keep growing it daily. I try to learn one new word or idea every day. Eventually it all adds up.


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5 Ways Busy People Build Network Marketing Businesses

The idea that busy people can’t build network marketing businesses is counter-intuitive. Busy people are your best prospects in my opinion. They are people like me who run more than one business, have a family, a home to repair and maintain, have hobbies etc. We value our time over almost everything because we have so much going on.

This is why a network marketing business is so appealing to people like us. How else can we find a way to duplicate our time and make a great income?

If you are a busy person too then here are some steps you can take to be the most productive with your time.

#1 Set a schedule

Yes we have all heard this before. But how many actually create one? You can use a day-planner, your cellphone has a calendar or you can use many different apps out there to assist you in planning your day. I use a Things To Do List and post it notes. I call it a TTD list at the top of my spiral notepad page for the day and I write out all the things I need and want to do. Don’t worry if you cannot get them all done. Just move the ones you still need to do to the next days page.

I also use post it notes to capture quick ideas and other peoples requests. I stick them to that days page. Later I can transfer them to the next days page if needed.

#2 Prioritize Your List

This seems basic too! But you would be surprised how many people don’t do this step. Then the day is over and something really important wasn’t completed and your frustrated with yourself.

Here is what I do. I place a number by each of the items on my daily TTD list. For example: Write an article for the website-2, make a new video-1, etc. You can use letters if you want.

Here is a professional tip: Do the hardest task first. Instead of dreading it or leaving it to the end. You feel great you tackled the toughest thing first. This way its all down hill from there.

I also use a system I learned years ago to balance the urgent and the important.

Do things in this order:

#1 Items that are Urgent and Important

#2 Items that are Important but not Urgent

#3 Items that are not important and not urgent

#3 Pick your best time to work

This means know yourself. If you are an early morning riser. Then it may be best to plan your first hour of the day creating content for your business, making a post, writing an article. Then head out to work your job.

If you are a night-owl then after the kids are in bed may be best for you.

For me, I now that about 3:00 pm everyday I get sleepy. I can set my watch by it. That’s not the best time to create growth or action in my network marketing business.

Experiment until you figure out what works best for you. Just keep some of the best of your talents for your own business.

#4 Be consistent

Like everything that is worthwhile, it may take time to get it right. Consistency is one of the  best and fastest ways to build your business. It takes daily effort to achieve, and then maintain momentum. Once you start. Don’t stop. Work your plan every day!

#5 Keep your date book or notebook.

You will see progress and when you look back you will be amazed at how much you accomplished in a short time-frame! Make notes so you can look back at what worked. Sometimes new ideas will come from reviewing what you did previously. Try it!

Remember we all have the same 24 hours every day. Its what you do with it that matters. Some will do more and some less. All that really counts is what you do.

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Why Gen X is joining Network Marketing by the thousands

Gen X-4

If you were born between 1965 and 1984 you are like me, in Generation X. Just called Gen X for short. We followed the Baby Boomers and are before the Millennials.

I am from that generation and have always been looking for an opportunity to become financially free. Meaning I can have enough of both time and money to live the way I want to. I learned at a young age that you can’t get rich by working for someone else. I was fortunate enough to have several mentors and they were all successful business men in their own right. It was clear that wealthy people had their own businesses and the rest of us just worked for them.

I was not negative about it as I saw this as an opportunity to learn how to run a business from people who already had done it well. Its like getting paid training, for your future.

When I started my own business in catering I found out how difficult it was to get customers and pay all your bills and spend time growing it and so forth. Eventually I ran out of money and wanted to just get a job again so I could pay off the debt I ran up along the way. I was very disappointed for quite a while, but the dream of being a business owner and financially successful came back.

I was finally approached by a high school friend who asked me if “I had heard of network marketing?” I hadn’t so I went to a meeting at his house and saw “the plan”. This was my first introduction to MLM or Network Marketing. I joined the Amway business with him and spent the next several years learning how bad my people skills were and how conventional business methods don’t always work. I had a lot of growing and learning to do.

Fortunately the team I was part of had a great teaching and training system and I applied what I had learned to both my Network business, as well as my job. Eventually I had a large successful network team and was also finding success at work.

This was all before the internet so you can imagine how difficult it was to find a few leaders. Eventually my upline leadership team quit Amway and most of the groups decided to leave. After starting a family and having several children to raise, we decided to leave as well. I was still thinking, I would do this again after my kids grew up a bit. Having three kids under the age of 3 was quite a challenge! But I understood the value of investing time into something that is your own.

Are you running someone else’s business?

I spent the next 20+ years building and running others peoples businesses. Applying the success methods I learned from the Network Marketing System I was able to become wealthy by most peoples standards. Six figure income, cars, travel etc. Eventually I ran a company for a family that sold it for $90 million dollars. I was not part of the family so when it sold I did not see that profit. At this point I finally came full circle to the original dream of owning my own business and setting up a passive income for life. Some of the dreams have already been fulfilled and new ones have been set.

I see many people who are part of Gen X, who are looking for the same things as myself. They just want to gain some control back over their lives. We must be the generation that has become workaholics for our employers, thinking we can reach our goals, but we cannot. You need to do something different, not change your goals. It’s the methods that need to change.

I figured, if I could run a business for someone else, why not for me?

You can have an online business today and still keep your job until you can replace your job income. In the old days; before the internet we called it a home based business, and really it applies more today than ever before. With the internet and your home computer or laptop you can now build an online business that’s generating a significant income.

How is it done today? How do you build a large team?

You generate leads to find affiliates, or distributors as we used to call them.

You then teach them how to generate their own leads (which we teach when you join us on the team)

It takes effort and numbers to develop a team so don’t worry that you did not get it right in the beginning. It can be learned. I am proof of that.

The best news is that it only take a few leaders to to make a six figure income. Once they learn to do what you are doing they can build their own teams and it can grow by itself.


Its the Penny doubling every day concept. What would you rather have a Million Dollars or a Penny Doubled every day for 30 Days? Look at the chart on day 16!. You are half way done and not a lot to show for the work but wait…

As the team grows and you help others become successful your income will grow as well.

That’s the potential of Network Marketing simply put. As J.Paul Getty said:

I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.

— J. Paul Getty

Gen X-3

Its the lowest Cost business to Start and Has little to no Risk

You don’t have to refinance the house or take a business loan to start this type of business. You don’t have to quit your job.

With Network Marketing, you become a member of the team and order your own products for your personal use each month. That’s all it takes to start and own your own business!

The company takes the risk of setting up the product manufacturing and the supply chain. The products are guaranteed by them not you and the products are shipped directly to you customers and team members, so there’s no inventory to buy or hold.

For less than $100 per month you get your products at wholesale and you can be your own boss!

I am happy to be on the path of financial freedom again and helping others with the same goals to do it. That alone makes it worth it to know you are doing something for yourself again. You can achieve your goals because it’s up to you! Not your Boss. Of course we are here to help you too.

Your in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Click the button below to register for a FREE TOUR of my network marketing business and look around.

I look forward to working together!

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