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The Real Network Marketing Story


bill gates

Everyone seems to have some idea of what network marketing is and may have even been involved at one time or another in a network marketing company. Many people have heard of Amway, Mary Kay and Herbalife; which are all network marketing businesses.

Some of the people you talk to about your business opportunity or products may believe they know what it’s all about because they had a second cousin, who had a friend who didn’t make any money in network marketing. And of course they think they can’t either.

In my experience most people don’t really understand what we are doing but definitely have some preconceived ideas. To be able to help those people get a better understanding you need to be calm and provide clear answers. Its true many people don’t make any money in network marketing. But that is usually due to them not actually doing the work it requires.

If you don’t want to share what you are doing and you don’t want to promote your products or opportunity then network marketing is probably not for you.

However if you are excited about learning how to build your own business then with some hard work and possibly some additional personal growth you can learn how to be successful. It’s no different that when you first started to work a job. You needed to be trained. Here though you’r training to be your own boss. The CEO of your own business.

The good news is that your in business for yourself but not by yourself!

Look for  a network marketing company with a teaching and training system. In some ways you will be going back to school to learn how to become successful.

To learn more about what Network Marketing is and isn’t check out this great article from the Huffington Post.

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Best Network Marketing Companies, MLM and Network Marketing Training

Amway made a lot of millionaires now there’s something new

I joined Amway in 1989. A high school friend of mine called me and asked me a simple question. “Was I interested in making an extra $2000 per month?” who would say no to that question, right?  I was about to get married and had a lot of expenses and was struggling to move up in my career as a R & D Engineer. I was invited to see the “plan” at his home. Later during the “follow up” I spent about an hour arguing with my friend that it could not work. Eventually he said “fine then don’t join”.

That really made me mad; him telling me I shouldn’t do something I want to do. Wait a minute here, now I want to do this? I remember telling him I’m going to do this just to show you it can’t work. Really dumb statement, I know.

I started to learn about how to build the network marketing business by sharing with my friends and family. Some of them actually joined us and we had a great time together. Then I moved on to the warm contacts. These were people that I worked with and knew from the past but did not have a current close relationship with. Then last but not least the dreaded “cold contacts”. We wrote a script and would call people we met during visits to shops and to the mall, looking at cars, whatever & whenever. Clearly this was the largest group of people and in fact many of the leaders in the group came from cold contacting.

We were following the examples and teachings of the leaders that were in my upline. Don Wilson and Randy Haugen. These people had reached a level of success we all wanted. They were millionaires many times over. They taught us how to do what they did and to build good size teams. It worked too! These leaders became very successful in Amway and we reached some levels of success as well.

Around 2001 Amway they created Quixtar. It was intended to be an online business concept where all customers could order online. You could enroll online and you had  a back office and all. This was going to revolutionize the business and I think the idea was a good one. Just a bit premature. Especially since we all only had “dial up” internet access. It was very slow and many people did not have access. We left Quixtar in 2003 and in 2007, Amway got rid of the name and went back to the name Amway Global.

What’s New Today?

A couple of years ago I started looking for the best network marketing companies today, and there are several.  I wanted to get back involved in this form of business because I had been involved in running conventional businesses over the last 20 years and really missed the focus on working as a team, helping other people, building something of your own and having unlimited earning potential. Plus there is no other business that allows you to duplicate your time as easily.

Now with virtually everyone having access to high speed internet service, cellphones in everyone’s hand, and constant social media viewing the network marketing business needs to change as well. There are still people trying to build the “old” way with face to face marketing and there is nothing wrong with it, if it works for you. What I have found is that people are moving at a faster pace than ever. It’s hard to get their attention and keep it, long enough to share the opportunity with them.

I felt that the network marketing building methods had to change somehow to take advantage of the current culture of being online and accessing social media almost continually.  Today we don’t call it “cold contacting” we call it “lead generation” and the whole process is flipped upside down from what we used to do.

In the old days we would ask a cold contact “if they have considered other business ideas” or “have you thought about owning your own business?”, or something similar. Sometimes we would hand out business cards or collect them. I even taught people in my group how to call people out of the phone book. I cannot believe that we used to do that. Wow! It worked but it was not for the faint of heart. Most people were deathly afraid of talking about a business opportunity to someone they don’t know face to face. Or even over the telephone. It was very hard to help people who said they don’t know anyone else, other than their broke brother in-law and their best friend who just got out of jail and really needs the business.

Frequently we would waste our time talking to someone who was not interested in doing something else other than working their job. They did not have a dream or goal to own their own business. Some just were not thinking of the future, just wanting to get by paycheck by paycheck.

Today we don’t need to ask people who are not looking. Today we make sure people who are looking can find us. By using social media, videos, websites and blogs we can draw in people who are searching just the way I was a few years ago. We have automated marketing systems and we can reach out to a much larger audience of “pre-qualified” people. I call them that because they are already clearly looking and they may be open to what your business opportunity is all about.

Once they locate you and join your team you just teach them the methods you use and so on. Now I am simplifying it a bit because we use some special tools and methods that only people who join our team get to use. However the principle is still the same.

Times continue to change so I plan to adapt to them in my network marketing business and continually improve. This is what will provide sustainability for years to come.

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The best way to make contacts in Network Marketing

I was involved in network marketing in the early 90’s and the way we built our network marketing business was initially by talking to our friends and family about the business and the products. A few of them decided to get involved with us and it actually worked out pretty good. With that start we built a good size team and were able to help others in our group achieve some of their goals as well.

Eventually we all run out of names on the friends and family list and need to work with our warm market. These are the folks we know as acquaintances. Some of these people are working with you or are involved with you in some fashion. For example the person who you see everyday at work. The pest service guy, the same person at the gym you go to who you’ve been talking to but don’t invite over to your home.

Talking to these people can be intimidating initially because now you are in a business of your own and it seems awkward. It didn’t before when you would talk about the weather or something in the news, right?  So what do you say now?

Remember they didn’t ask you to show them your business straight out. You have to listen to people. They tell you things that allow you to see how you can help them. Listen to what they complain about. Then you can offer a solution. Don’t be surprised if some people are not really interested in solving the issues they complain about. Some people just like having something to complain about. Don’t be upset, just move on.

Remember you have something to change their life for the better. You don’t have to feel bad about yourself because they were not interested. Feel bad for them, because they don’t see what you see…yet. Come back to them later. like in a few months or a year as things can “open” their window.

The next group of possible contacts is the cold market. These are people who you don’t know yet. I say “yet” because you will have to get to know them if you want to work together. There are many ways to do this today compared to the “old” days in network marketing. We used to go to shopping malls, look at stuff and meet people. We would gather business cards, we would hand out business cards too. I even taught people how to call people out of the telephone book. Wow! I don’t miss those days.

Today we use many different methods like social media, online ads and videos to generate interest. One of the problems I saw my team in the 90’s do, was to not pre-qualify the contact. They would start offering the business opportunity before they determined if they were even open to something other than what they were doing. Believe it or not, not everyone is, just because you decided to build a big network marketing business now.

Timing is everything. Using today’s methods it allows the people who are interested in  a business of their own to find you. This is the best of all worlds as the people who are led to you, are already interested in what you are doing. This makes it much easier to share the details and help them get started on the path to learning more.

Putting it all together today still takes work. It is just a different kind of work. When I started my MLM business again two years ago , I started the same as I had before. Except I skipped my friends and family this time around. No one was interested anyways. Weird how the people closest to you are the least supportive sometimes, right?

I was talking face to face to a lot of warm and cold contacts and not having much success really. It also took a ton of time. I started researching how to generate mlm leads and started looking for leaders in today’s network marketing and was fortunate to find some leaders who are doing it right. I just started following their examples and learned as much as possible from them. I am still learning actually and that’s a good thing.

If you want to learn more, consider joining my team and we will share with you specific, tested methods that work to grow your business. Take the free tour and learn more now!

Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home


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investment4If you are serious about building a network marketing business you need to treat it as a big business from the start. This means you need to invest both time and money into making it successful.

How Much Should I Invest?

Many people treat MLM or network marketing as a small, part time business that I should not have to invest money into kind of thing. Not sure why that is, but it’s not the best way to build it.

In conventional businesses people will invest thousands of dollars into a building, signage, advertising, employees, inventory, insurance etc. before they have even opened their doors or made a single dollar.

Yet when they start their MLM business they seem to be reluctant to invest anything. It takes only two things to build a business of any kind: Time or Money and most times, both. If you have no money then you must invest your time and do so at a high level.


You cannot expect to spend 40-50 hours per week for your employer and then spend 1 hour a week building you own business and expect the money to just flood in. Set time aside and be consistent in your daily business investment of time.

Additionally the MLM business does require some investment in the form of money. You will be using it for different things than a conventional business because we don’t need any of the traditional things. In network marketing you invest money into lead generation, advertising, and learning more about business meaning it’s an investment in your own education. Like with anything new, you need to invest time and effort.

If you already knew how to start and build a successful MLM you would have one already right? If you are looking to grow your MLM to the next level then invest again. So don’t be afraid of investing in your own business and in yourself. Ultimately it’s for you and your family.

Tax Deductible?

Remember that you are a real business owner and you are entitled to the real benefits available to you. Many of your business investments and expenses are tax deductible. Advertising, Lead Generating activities, meetings, educational expenses, meals and mile may all be deductible and reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay at during tax time. Check with your tax preparer to get the list of qualified item. You don’t get to write off your expense you incur while you are going back and forth to work do you?

So remember the money you invest pays you in more than one way now. It helps you grow your business and saves you money at tax time. Think about how great that is!

Small thinking versus big thinking

OK, here’s we we get personal a bit. Are you ready?

You are, where you are in life based on the way you think. It’s not the circumstances or your upbringing or someone else’s  fault here. You need to change the way you think about how you are spending your time and money. If you want to be a millionaire listen to one and do what they did. Just follow their success pattern.

You don’t need to do what they do for a business to benefit from their methods and thinking. Watch Marcus Lemonis on the the TV show “The Profit”. It is a really great show that teaches you about a lot of excellent and valuable business principles and methods and shows the right and wrong way to think about business. It is also very fun an entertaining at the same time!

If you are really interested in building a six figure income in network marketing then you have to change the way you think about investing . Give your own business as much as you can. It pays off in the next 2-5 years in the business and the investment in your education is your for life. You will take that everywhere.

If you want to be making $10,000 per month or more you need to align your thinking with people who do.

Think Big. Earn Big.

Small investment versus a big investment

Remember you don’t need a big investment to start your REAL network marketing business. It costs anywhere from $29-$299 to start your business. That does not make it any less real or reduce the potential of making big money because you did not have to invest $100,000 or more. Don’t get hung up on not having a building everyone can see with your name on the sign. This is a Huge benefit!

In any case the name of the game is getting people to see and experience the products you offer and the opportunity they can benefit from. In any business that will take both time and money.

MLM investments

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your investment of time and money you can learn our teams lead generation techniques that can yield you the lowest possible cost leads.

Join my team and we will show you how to do it. Then you show, the team members who join you. It creates fast duplication and allows a sustainable pattern for success that anyone can follow.

If you are NOT on my team yet, please fill out this quick form HERE

Believe in yourself, believe in your business and invest in both. You are worth having the lifestyle you want, but you have to work for it and invest in it.

Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home


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Why Network Marketing is not a Pyramid

I have been involved in network marketing for over 20 years. Over the years I have had people give me many different reasons why they are not interested in building a network marketing business. Some think its too good to be true. Others want a “real business”. You know the kind where you get a business loan, mortgage the house or borrow money from friends kind if “real business”.  Along the way you may also hear a common response from prospective business associates. It’s actually more of a common misconception; that some people think multi level marketing or network marketing is a “pyramid” or a “pyramid scheme”. This appears to be based their observation of the basic network marketing team structure. This being someone at the top of a tree and people below that person who; in their minds will get shafted later when the money runs out. They assume everyone who got enrolled before them will make all of the money off of the last person who joined.

I have always found this to be an odd perspective. Maybe it just comes from people who are just not really interested in building a business of their own and need a guilt free way to say “not interested”. Lets look at what a pyramid is and isn’t.

First off Pyramid schemes are illegal and generally don’t exist. One of the few things the government does well is place restrictions on businesses and prevents this type of activity pretty quickly. Most people that have this preconceived notion assume network marketing is a pyramid as soon as you draw out the network team structure. It always shows them at the top and other people under them. The also understand they are at the bottom of  someone else’s team/tree. Presumably yours.

Evidently this bothers some people who think you somehow are going to make money off of them and that this is NOT OK. After all you have to get them started and train them and provide support of all kinds for free. When you can help them become successful and build a good size income; then and ONLY then will you make a small percentage from the business volume generated. Keep in mind this is not money that will come out of their pocket either.  I really don’t see the issue. Get FREE help building your business and when you become successful the person who started and helped you gets paid something.

job pyramid

I don’t really think they understand that the only legal pyramid scheme is working a job. Look at any organization chart for any business in the world. There is always someone at the top and someone at the bottom. The President or CEO is above you right? Then the executive management team, next level managers then the workers below them. Right? Draw it out some time or look at your employers org chart. What do you see? Looks a lot like a pyramid in shape doesn’t it?

Who makes more? The people at the top or you? Can you make more than the manager or supervisor above you in the org chart? Probably not, unless you are in sales and earn commission. Frankly you probably work harder than your boss yet they make more money than you do. Does that sound about right?

mlm pyramid

In Network Marketing you are the CEO of your business and therefore, can make more money that the person who introduced you to the business and even more than anyone who is in the network before you; including the first person who joined. You just need to work harder and build a bigger team. It’s that simple really. That’s what we consider fair. Those that work harder and have a bigger business should always make more money than someone who doesn’t, right?

Think about it and really look into network marketing. It is still the best way to start your own business and have the lowest startup cost. The lowest risk and the training system to help you learn what to do and usually several people to help you personally when you need it.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Check it out for yourself. What have you got to lose?

For two of the best Network Marketing Companies today, take a free tour by clicking on the buttons below.

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Cash in on the emerging $7.1 Billion Cannabis Industry that according to Forbes magazine will hit $22 Billion by 2020


According to Forbes it will blow past $50 billion by 2026! CBD products are being used worldwide and customers get instant, life-changing results with this miracle plant. We lead the industry with an aggressive 85% commission payout.


Work from Home and Build an Online Business

We are looking for entrepreneurs/ independent contractors seeking to capitalize on this opportunity. This is a flexible work from home business designed to create residual income.

Tour the Business first

Before you join a company that claims to be the best CBD producing company check out each of them for yourself. Investigate their claims and check out the products and people. Hempworx is one of the best if not THE best! Take the free business tour at the bottom of this page.

Business Perks:

• Paid Weekly & Monthly

• Personalized Websites

• State-of-the-Art Email Autoresponder System

• Product Drop-Shipped Directly to Customers

• Car & Vacation Bonuses

• $1 Million a Month Earning Potential.

• No Cold Calling, Home Parties, or Hotel Meetings

Join a leader in the Cannabis industry providing the most powerful and potent Hemp Products for Humans and Pets on the market. HempWorx CBD products are made with certified organic hemp grown in Kentucky and are 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients.

We have the highest purity levels whereas our competitors have 15-40%. Everything is manufactured and tested in an FDA Approved facility. All of our products contain ZERO THC making them legal in all 50 States.

Please fill out the brief form by Clicking the button below and take the FREE TOUR of the products and the Business Opportunity! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home


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Why Gen X is joining Network Marketing by the thousands




Gen X-4

If you were born between 1965 and 1984 you are like me, in Generation X. Just called Gen X for short. We followed the Baby Boomers and are before the Millennials.

I am from that generation and have always been looking for an opportunity to become financially free. Meaning I can have enough of both time and money to live the way I want to. I learned at a young age that you can’t get rich by working for someone else. I was fortunate enough to have several mentors and they were all successful business men in their own right. It was clear that wealthy people had their own businesses and the rest of us just worked for them.

I was not negative about it as I saw this as an opportunity to learn how to run a business from people who already had done it well. Its like getting paid training, for your future.

When I started my own business in catering I found out how difficult it was to get customers and pay all your bills and spend time growing it and so forth. Eventually I ran out of money and wanted to just get a job again so I could pay off the debt I ran up along the way. I was very disappointed for quite a while, but the dream of being a business owner and financially successful came back.

I was finally approached by a high school friend who asked me if “I had heard of network marketing?” I hadn’t so I went to a meeting at his house and saw “the plan”. This was my first introduction to MLM or Network Marketing. I joined the Amway business with him and spent the next several years learning how bad my people skills were and how conventional business methods don’t always work. I had a lot of growing and learning to do.

Fortunately the team I was part of had a great teaching and training system and I applied what I had learned to both my Network business, as well as my job. Eventually I had a large successful network team and was also finding success at work.

This was all before the internet so you can imagine how difficult it was to find a few leaders. Eventually my upline leadership team quit Amway and most of the groups decided to leave. After starting a family and having several children to raise, we decided to leave as well. I was still thinking, I would do this again after my kids grew up a bit. Having three kids under the age of 3 was quite a challenge! But I understood the value of investing time into something that is your own.

Are you running someone else’s business?

I spent the next 20+ years building and running others peoples businesses. Applying the success methods I learned from the Network Marketing System I was able to become wealthy by most peoples standards. Six figure income, cars, travel etc. Eventually I ran a company for a family that sold it for $90 million dollars. I was not part of the family so when it sold I did not see that profit. At this point I finally came full circle to the original dream of owning my own business and setting up a passive income for life. Some of the dreams have already been fulfilled and new ones have been set.

I see many people who are part of Gen X, who are looking for the same things as myself. They just want to gain some control back over their lives. We must be the generation that has become workaholics for our employers, thinking we can reach our goals, but we cannot. You need to do something different, not change your goals. It’s the methods that need to change.

I figured, if I could run a business for someone else, why not for me?

You can have an online business today and still keep your job until you can replace your job income. In the old days; before the internet we called it a home based business, and really it applies more today than ever before. With the internet and your home computer or laptop you can now build an online business that’s generating a significant income.

How is it done today? How do you build a large team?

You generate leads to find affiliates, or distributors as we used to call them.

You then teach them how to generate their own leads (which we teach when you join us on the team)

It takes effort and numbers to develop a team so don’t worry that you did not get it right in the beginning. It can be learned. I am proof of that.

The best news is that it only take a few leaders to to make a six figure income. Once they learn to do what you are doing they can build their own teams and it can grow by itself.


Its the Penny doubling every day concept. What would you rather have a Million Dollars or a Penny Doubled every day for 30 Days? Look at the chart on day 16!. You are half way done and not a lot to show for the work but wait…

As the team grows and you help others become successful your income will grow as well.

That’s the potential of Network Marketing simply put. As J.Paul Getty said:

I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.

— J. Paul Getty

Gen X-3

Its the lowest Cost business to Start and Has little to no Risk

You don’t have to refinance the house or take a business loan to start this type of business. You don’t have to quit your job.

With Network Marketing, you become a member of the team and order your own products for your personal use each month. That’s all it takes to start and own your own business!

The company takes the risk of setting up the product manufacturing and the supply chain. The products are guaranteed by them not you and the products are shipped directly to you customers and team members, so there’s no inventory to buy or hold.

For less than $100 per month you get your products at wholesale and you can be your own boss!

I am happy to be on the path of financial freedom again and helping others with the same goals to do it. That alone makes it worth it to know you are doing something for yourself again. You can achieve your goals because it’s up to you! Not your Boss. Of course we are here to help you too.

Your in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Click the button below to register for a FREE TOUR of my network marketing business and look around.

I look forward to working together!

Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home


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Cash in on the emerging $7.1 Billion CBD Industry


How can you start your own business in the CBD industry? Well the easiest way is to start an online business with a great network marketing company like Hempworx.

Network Marketing is the best and lowest cost way to start your own business because you don’t need a large investment to get started. You can start as low as $69 and you don’t need a business license, a store, inventory or anything expensive brick and mortar stores have.

That means you can make money right from the start that can be put in your pocket instead of paying the bank business loan off.

Here’s some benefits of a CBD network marketing business:

  • No inventory is needed. Products are shipped to your customers directly through your company provided websites. This means its very easy for you to focus on the fun parts of the business.
  • No sales team or customer service team is needed. Just share your products and experiences with others. They will do the same and the business grows.
  • You are an independent contractor and are able to deduct certain expenses on your taxes. For some people this benefit alone will save them $300-500 per month in taxes.
  • Its a fair pay situation. Meaning you get paid what you feel you are worth; not what your employer feels you are worth. You can decide how much to work, when to work and how much you get paid.

How do I promote and build this business online?

The business can be built offline, meaning you can share with your friends and family and start working together to build an income. Once that list is used up and most of your friends and family have decided to see what you do, then what?

If you’re like me then you will need to build an online presence as well. Frankly this is my preferred method as my time is very limited on some days and I just don’t think contacting people that I don’t know is a very sustainable way to go about building a business that lasts.

I would rather work with people who have expressed an interest in Network Marketing, MLM or CBD Oil or Health and Wellness Products and business opportunities. The online methods are much faster in being able to share what you are doing via your existing Social Media favorites like Twitter, Facebook your blog or others.

This approach is excellent for the introvert and the people who are not comfortable talking to people and asking them if they are looking for a business opportunity.

You can use your Social Media skills

If you are already an expert in using Social media you are going to love this method of sharing and promoting your new business. If you are new to this then you will need to start learning. There are a lot of ways to get started learning about how to use Social Media to build an online business. In my business, I help you and show you how to do it, so you are not required to build it alone, unless you want to. But you can use YouTube and other online articles to figure out the best ways to approach it.

CBD is an exciting industry!

The CBD industry is exciting and just getting started in the network marketing space.

It’s also not another product that everyone has, so there is a lot of demand and interest. Our role is to help people who are interested in learning more about CBD, to find the right information and help them start and build their own business. Improve their health by providing information and access to the best products or hopefully both!

So, if you would like to be able to earn over $10,000 per month in network marketing in your off work hours, then take the FREE Tour into the business by Clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading!

Mark Balderrama

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Are you getting duplication in your MLM?

Hi everyone this is a question we all have asked  as you start building your MLM because you are trying to get some people in your group to start duplicating your efforts. That’s what MLM and Network Marketing is about right? Here is a great video by Erik Johnson where he talks about how we need to view our businesses and how we need to understand the numbers that it takes to eventually grow a large profitable business.

I enrolled with Erik because I liked his approach to building network marketing teams. If you would like to take a  tour of the growing business we are building you can take the FREE BUSINESS TOUR HERE



Mark Balderrama

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How will I pay off my Student Loans?

reducing student debt


Americans owe more than $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, and the average debt for a 2016 grad was $37,000. That’s a lot of money, so if you’re among those feeling the pinch, you might be wondering how you even begin to start paying it back.

One of the things you can consider is to set up a budget to make sure you can track all the things you spend money on and make sure you know when you can spend on travel or a luxury item.

Pay Yourself first

One of the best things you can do to stick to a budget is to pay yourself first. I know, your thinking what??? I just got paid. How do I pay myself first?

Here’s how! Setup an automatic transfer the day after you get paid! Have it come from the account you deposit your paycheck in. Then transfer it to the Savings account automatically. If you have Auto Deposit as many people do then it’s even easier.

You wont even notice the money was not available to pay bills or living expense, but you will see your savings grow each time you get paid. Start small like $25 or $50 and then add more as you get used to it. If you don’t have a savings account you can use an envelope to keep your “pay” in.

Then use the rest of the money to pay your bills and living expenses. Why should they be paid before you anyways. You earned it and it can also be used in an emergency if needed. As you accumulate more money in the account you can invest it in a fund or account that can return a higher return and grow it even more.

Student debt rock

Work Extra Hours at your Job

You can work extra hours or ask if you can cover a shift or two to earn extra money to pay off the loans faster. Just remember to actually pay it on the school loans when you get it. You don’t have to wait until the due date and most loans can be paid more than once per month. You can pay every two weeks when you get paid if you want. Just make sure it is applied to your principle. This also reduces your total interest you’ll pay and shortens the loan by months or even years.

Ask for a Raise

You would be surprised to know how many people wait until their annual review then are disappointed about what they received only to wait another year and repeat it.

You can ask for a raise from your employer and take charge of your own future. Here’s what I have done and recommend to others.

#1 Create a list of all the things you do for your employer that are bringing them value, cost savings etc. Your Manager may be very busy and not be aware of all you do! Attach dollar values to actual savings. For example, if you found a way for the company to save on copier paper by buying in bulk. Capture the actual dollars that will be saved in a year.

You probably are doing things all the time that are above and beyond and you just need to capture them and illustrate your value.

#2 request a meeting with your supervisor or manager for a few days from now and don’t just barge in and expect to get a positive response. Set the subject as a “discussion of  your performance as buyer” or whatever your position is.

#3  be prepared and objective about your contribution to the company. Have two copies of your list of “contributions” so they can read along. DON’T list out “showed up on time every day to work for nearly a year” that is what is expected of you and what you already get paid to do. Be honest though, if you are frequently late, disagreeable or a complainer and don’t do more than what they pay you for; you may need to be satisfied with your current pay. I suggest changing those behaviors and you will achieve more.

#4 Be specific about the amount you want. Say “I would like a 10% raise” or maybe its more flexible hours. Whatever. If they say they cannot offer you a raise. Then ask what you would need to do at work to earn that raise and over what period of time.

If you get nothing; you’ve lost nothing. Remember it is actually hard for them to say no to people who can demonstrate their value in the workplace. Especially on paper.

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Start a Business of your Own

You can always start your own business to earn money in your spare time. If you love crafts and are very “crafty” then sell your items on Ebay or Etsy. Its easy and you can do it in a few hours per week.

If you are good baker or just good in the kitchen, then you can start selling Cupcakes or Candy Apples online or at fairs. I see these items on Facebook Market Place all the time.

One of the easiest and lowest cost ways to start a business is to join a Network Marketing Business. The cost is as low as $49 and you can get free training. Access to great people who will help you and show you how to do it. You can easily make enough to make the School Loan Payments.

Who knows in a few short years you may be able to earn more from your business than in your Job and you can decide what to do next.

One of the Best and Fastest Growing Network Marketing Companies is called My Daily Choice and has a FREE Tour you can take. Maybe you should check it out!


In any case stay focused on what you want to achieve. Make a Plan and stay with it. You will reach the goal of paying the student loan off and ending up with some money in your savings too!


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