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Hi there! I was just like you. Looking for a way to improve my health by searching on the internet. It seems like there is always so much information that is conflicting and much of it not backed up by science.

Additionally I was looking for a way to build a second income that could be used to diversify my income during retirement. Like many people over 50, I was not feeling very comfortable with my retirement plans; or lack thereof!

There has to be a better way…

I remembered back in 1989 when I joined the network marketing business Amway that we would talk about having a residual income that was ongoing, willable and transferable. I had not been in a network marketing business for over 20 years, so how to find the best ones was on my mind. I knew it should have the following things to work:

  1. A consumable product that is trending and on point with today’s culture
  2. debt free company that provides stability
  3. A duplicatable system to build it successfully
  4. A great compensation plan
  5. Done for you marketing approach
  6. Something that doesn’t require me to pay monthly for anything other than my personal products
  7. No need to talk to my friends and family about joining, like last time!

I also don’t think home meetings and open opportunity hotel meetings is the right way anymore.  I have online meetings at work why not in network marketing? Well I found the best “done for you marketing” company out there today. We have a great automated sales funnel and email auto responder. If you are trying to build your mlm business the old way, you need to see what we are doing now.

I want to help everyone improve their Health, increase their Wealth, and share the Wisdom of the best of nature and the best of science on living the best life possible, no matter what generation you’re from.

I believe healthy living means more than just not being sick, it’s about overall improvement of your lifestyle. We focus on four main areas: Nutrition, Anti-aging, Energy and total Wellness.

It’s been proven that financial stress negatively affects your health, so we also help people start and grow their own sustainable businesses so they are able to remove those financial pressures.

Benefits of working with me:

  • I will teach you how to generate tons of leads whenever you want
  • You can be part of the epic CBD industry growth. Check out this article!
  • No Hotel Meetings and No awkward contacting and inviting methods
  • I will teach you how to have a duplicatable system, of building your business
  • We wiped out all of the bad methods in the old way of network marketing-I’ll show you!

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Thanks for reading and I hope we can work together soon!

Mark Balderrama

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