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The LiveGood Business As A Retirement Income Stream

As I have entered my 50’S I have really started to think more and more about the retirement income dilemma. The age old question, is how much do you need to retire on comfortably? I guess that assumes you are comfortable now, right?

I don’t know about you but the times I have been totally comfortable financially are far and few between. I have been obsessed since I was in my mid 20’s when I started reading books about how to be financially independent. Using calculators to determine how much money you need in your retirement years was not the answer. No matter what calculations or numbers the experts provide. The bottom line is this; More is Better than Less!

If you look at the so called experts recommendations like this article on Moneygeek there are no recommendations about adding to your income. And none about creating income streams at all. Most experts are focused on telling you how little you should take out of your retirement plans when you finally do retire!

This focus on living on less in retirement than what you did while working is a disappointing way to finally enjoy your time, in my opinion. I always thought retirement should be about income not age. When you get enough of it you can stop working anytime.


This is where choosing to generate additional income streams comes into play. I am not talking about working two jobs or even getting that proverbial “Walmart Greeter Job” once you are in retirement. NO! Creating additional income streams has to do with adding to your existing plans. Keep your social security, 401K, annuity and savings account. ADD to it by creating additional income weekly and monthly so you can keep your nest egg safe as long as possible

LIVEGOOD is one of those options and there certainly are others. You can create an Etsy shop or an EBAY store. Even go to garage sales and resell vintage items. All of these may be used to create an income stream. I think the LiveGood business opportunity is the easiest and best way to get another income stream started.

Consider The Options

If you slowly build an income stream in a business like LiveGood over the next 2-5 years and slowly generate about $2500 each month how can that help you cover your expenses? Medical Insurance? What about offsetting inflation? How about simply just using this for a more enjoyable and fun lifestyle?

You also don’t have any penalties for using it now if you want. Income streams don’t have penalties or rules that you must be a certain age to start using it. Generate it now and use it now.

The choice will be yours and you will hopefully be 2-5 years older anyways so why not start now to get another income stream going? It is easy, plus you can get access to health and wellness products at up to 75% discount from retail.

Check out my video above where I go into more details and spend a hour checking this option out. You have absolutely nothing to lose and an income stream to gain!

The link is here for a FREE Tour of this Income Stream Option!!!

Thanks for reading and remember this is not a guarantee of income amount or frequency. All businesses require effort. This one happens to be the best one around today.

Check it out and lets talk afterwards. You can reach me through the tour, YouTube Channel or this website.

Mark Balderrama

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