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How To Use The Hempworx Sample Pack Sales Funnel to Grow Your Business Fast!


Now that we have a sample pack sales funnel how do we use it and who should we share it with? If your are involved in Hempworx you now have access to a sample pack sales funnel that will allow your potential customers and future affiliates to start by getting a free sample pack. This is very helpful for many people who are not familiar with CBD products. Many people are starting to hear about this amazing product on TV and in the news, but are reluctant to go out and buy it. Those who do, just end up with the junk that they see in the stores. Frequently they end up with hemp oil which has no CBD in it and are turned off when they don’t see any results. We need to help people get the best products. That’s our business right?

I recommend using the sample funnel with people who don’t have an immediate interest in the business opportunity but are interested in the products. Share the sample funnel link with them instead of your biz op link. The reasons are simple.

#1 They will buy their own sample pack which results in a greater chance they will use the products. People don’t value things that they get for free as much, so don’t just give them away. Otherwise when you follow up you may find they have not used them yet.

#2 We have a different set of auto responder emails with a different focus. This keeps the person engaged almost daily in the process of learning more about CBD, the company and the business opportunity. There are plenty of opportunities for them to join as a preferred customer or upgrade to affiliates as they become more involved with the product and feel the benefits. They are not a “pre-enrollee’ They become a customer on your team as soon as they complete the form for the free sample pack.

#3 Not all people are will be interested in becoming a business associate of yours. Maybe not now. Maybe not ever. But if they experience good results from the product they may be a customer for life. That produces BV and that’s what we want. Loyal, preferred customers.

#4 Great customers tell their friends about what they think, eat, drink and do. This will lead additional people to you either as customers, prospects or affiliates. Don’t just blindly put everyone in one funnel or the other. Listen to them and promote the right link. If they already know about CBD use the preferred customer link. If they are unsure about the products go with the sample funnel link. Or if in person just sell them a sample pack. I keep these on hand at all times, wherever I go so I can talk about CBD and sell one on the spot. If they are looking for a business opportunity use your biz op link. It’s that simple. Then let the auto email responder system do the work.

#5 follow up! If your in contact with someone using the above methods. Reach out in a few days and see how the products worked. Or see if they are ready to get started in the business? Or see if they need help ordering. I have had more success in just plain telling people that “I would like to work with you”. People want to be part of something and they don’t always want to do it alone due to fear. Let them know you would like to partner with them. Don’t beg people to get involved. I make them tell me yes or no. Most people don’t like to say no actually.


Hope these tips help you get your Hempworx business started fast. If you have questions or comments please submit them below or talk to the person who invited you into the business.

If you are looking for any opportunity where you have these tools then contact me and I will be happy to help you.

Thanks for reading!

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