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Why Gen X is joining Network Marketing by the thousands

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If you were born between 1965 and 1984 you are like me, in Generation X. Just called Gen X for short. We followed the Baby Boomers and are before the Millennials.

I am from that generation and have always been looking for an opportunity to become financially free. Meaning I can have enough of both time and money to live the way I want to. I learned at a young age that you can’t get rich by working for someone else. I was fortunate enough to have several mentors and they were all successful business men in their own right. It was clear that wealthy people had their own businesses and the rest of us just worked for them.

I was not negative about it as I saw this as an opportunity to learn how to run a business from people who already had done it well. Its like getting paid training, for your future.

When I started my own business in catering I found out how difficult it was to get customers and pay all your bills and spend time growing it and so forth. Eventually I ran out of money and wanted to just get a job again so I could pay off the debt I ran up along the way. I was very disappointed for quite a while, but the dream of being a business owner and financially successful came back.

I was finally approached by a high school friend who asked me if “I had heard of network marketing?” I hadn’t so I went to a meeting at his house and saw “the plan”. This was my first introduction to MLM or Network Marketing. I joined the Amway business with him and spent the next several years learning how bad my people skills were and how conventional business methods don’t always work. I had a lot of growing and learning to do.

Fortunately the team I was part of had a great teaching and training system and I applied what I had learned to both my Network business, as well as my job. Eventually I had a large successful network team and was also finding success at work.

This was all before the internet so you can imagine how difficult it was to find a few leaders. Eventually my upline leadership team quit Amway and most of the groups decided to leave. After starting a family and having several children to raise, we decided to leave as well. I was still thinking, I would do this again after my kids grew up a bit. Having three kids under the age of 3 was quite a challenge! But I understood the value of investing time into something that is your own.

Are you running someone else’s business?

I spent the next 20+ years building and running others peoples businesses. Applying the success methods I learned from the Network Marketing System I was able to become wealthy by most peoples standards. Six figure income, cars, travel etc. Eventually I ran a company for a family that sold it for $90 million dollars. I was not part of the family so when it sold I did not see that profit. At this point I finally came full circle to the original dream of owning my own business and setting up a passive income for life. Some of the dreams have already been fulfilled and new ones have been set.

I see many people who are part of Gen X, who are looking for the same things as myself. They just want to gain some control back over their lives. We must be the generation that has become workaholics for our employers, thinking we can reach our goals, but we cannot. You need to do something different, not change your goals. It’s the methods that need to change.

I figured, if I could run a business for someone else, why not for me?

You can have an online business today and still keep your job until you can replace your job income. In the old days; before the internet we called it a home based business, and really it applies more today than ever before. With the internet and your home computer or laptop you can now build an online business that’s generating a significant income.

How is it done today? How do you build a large team?

You generate leads to find affiliates, or distributors as we used to call them.

You then teach them how to generate their own leads (which we teach when you join us on the team)

It takes effort and numbers to develop a team so don’t worry that you did not get it right in the beginning. It can be learned. I am proof of that.

The best news is that it only take a few leaders to to make a six figure income. Once they learn to do what you are doing they can build their own teams and it can grow by itself.


Its the Penny doubling every day concept. What would you rather have a Million Dollars or a Penny Doubled every day for 30 Days? Look at the chart on day 16!. You are half way done and not a lot to show for the work but wait…

As the team grows and you help others become successful your income will grow as well.

That’s the potential of Network Marketing simply put. As J.Paul Getty said:

ā€œIā€™d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.ā€

ā€” J. Paul Getty

Gen X-3

Its the lowest Cost business to Start and Has little to no Risk

You don’t have to refinance the house or take a business loan to start this type of business. You don’t have to quit your job.

With Network Marketing, you become a member of the team and order your own products for your personal use each month. That’s all it takes to start and own your own business!

The company takes the risk of setting up the product manufacturing and the supply chain. The products are guaranteed by them not you and the products are shipped directly to you customers and team members, so there’s no inventory to buy or hold.

For less than $100 per month you get your products at wholesale and you can be your own boss!

I am happy to be on the path of financial freedom again and helping others with the same goals to do it. That alone makes it worth it to know you are doing something for yourself again. You can achieve your goals because it’s up to you! Not your Boss. Of course we are here to help you too.

Your in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

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I look forward to working together!

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