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A Healthy Alternative for Boosting Energy-by Lauri Balderrama

I have always struggled with a drop off of energy each day around 2 or 3 p.m.   As I get older, it seems to be more of a problem than ever.  When I was working, I would grab a candy bar or a coke from the vending machine, only to briefly observe a spike in my blood sugar and then I would be back where I started.  Obviously this was not a healthy option to say the least.

Recently I was introduced to Zing, which is a powdered energy drink you add to water and was told this would give me a noticeable boost of energy for several hours.  The pessimist in me immediately wanted to refuse trying it as I never drink any of the extreme caffeinated beverages already on the market.   To my surprise, this was different.  It has no synthetic caffeine, is low on the glycemic scale, and only contains 6.6 calories per serving.  I was also pleased to find out Zing contains essential vitamins, critical amino acids, oxygenating enzymes ( like Co-Q for heart health), and antioxidant supplements (such as Green Tea).  I love the flavor which reminds me of a raspberry/fruit punch combination.  Since it is mixed into water, you can control intensity of the flavor that works best for you.  I like it best the way it is recommended which is 1 level scoop mixed into a cup of cold water.

Zing has really helped me to have the energy I need not only for a long work day, but it has been extremely beneficial for my exercise workouts too.  I love to hike and have found Zing to be a beneficial tool for increasing my endurance during a long climb.  Recently my 15 year old son pooped out long before me on a 4 hour hike.   That was a fun moment for me.   This was when I realized how much better my energy is when sipping it on the trail.  Now I always bring a water bottle with Zing mixed into it whenever we hike. It even helped me to climb to the top of the Upper Yosemite Falls trail with a 3,000 foot rise in elevation. It took me 8.5 hours to complete it and I know there is no way I would have made it to the top without having 2 water bottles of Zing with me.    I really love this product and feel really good about drinking something that gives me so many added health benefits and increases my energy too!

If your interested in learning more about this product you can click on the ZING!



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