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My Favorite Natural Skin Care Product


Hey everyone!

I recently had a skin care disaster, and I want to share with you what I did to remedy it.

I have really sensitive skin, and I made the horrible mistake of using toner two days in a row. Whoa, scary, I know, but my skin did not appreciate it at all.

I ended up with what I can only describe as a chemical burn: my skin started burning and turned bright red and hot, and by the next day it was scaly, dry and inflamed. Not a good situation.

So I started washing with a super gentle cream cleanser (thank you, Neutrogena!) and moisturizing with aloe vera and argan oil, because chemical products are clearly not my friend.

But the next day my dad gave me this awesome all-natural, nutrient-rich skin lotion and it worked miracles! I put it on right before bed and when I woke up my skin glowed and most of the redness and irritation was gone!

Check out the video above for more details, and if you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, send us a message!

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